Stephen Kings new novella "elevates" us up and out of today's reality

Stephen Kings new novella "elevates" us up and out of today's reality

One thing that's helped me during the pandemic is reading.

To say I'm a voracious reader is like saying SpongeBob likes Krabby Patties. One of my favorite writers is Stephen King (ever heard of him?). I've been reading him for a long time (don't worry, I won't say I'm his biggest fan) and he actually inspired my writing style. In fact, I did a callout to him in my first book.

Anyways, I just finished his new novella, Elevation. It's one of the most powerful books I've read lately and it actually had me choked up once or twice. If you're "not into horror," especially because reality has become terrifying enough for you recently, don't worry, this isn't a horror novel.

And did I mention it's not costly? Novellas are funny that way.

So, why am I posting this? After all, I don't usually post book reviews and recommendations, if ever. Well, it's because this book inspired me, "elevated me," if you will. At a time when I needed it.

I thought you might, too.




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