A House Divided during Crisis... by Oreos

A House Divided during Crisis... by Oreos

It's getting tense in my house.

I don't have to tell you how being so close for so long with so much stress feels. What to watch, what to have for dinner, how to find time alone are all likely flashpoints. But, lately, I've found the biggest cause of friction is....


Yes, that magical brand of chocolate sandwich cookie with a creamy white filling.

So, why the stress?

Because there are TOO MANY kinds showing up in our pantry and I am VERY specific about the ones I like.

To check myself, I visited the Oreo website. There I found variations that left my eyes wide.

First, the styles, like original, thin, mini, pieces, brownie and candy bar.

Then, the sizes, like regular, double, Mega and Most.

Then the themes, like holidays and seasons.

Then, the foods and flavorings, including blueberry pie, candy corn, carrot cake, jelly donut, mint, Peeps, red velvet, Swedish fish and waffles & syrup.

My wife likes thins and she and my daughter love the cookie part.

Me - I love that creamy filling. Give me the Most and stack 'em high!

So, you see the problem, right?

Who knew that, during this time, our household would be divided not by beliefs and values, but a simple sandwich cookie?

Yes, we're all in this together.

Until it comes to snacks.




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