41 Lessons Learned in Job Search: Why I never asked to meet for coffee

41 Lessons Learned in Job Search: Why I never asked to meet for coffee

Frodo, Neo, Luke, Harry, Dorothy and pretty much every Disney princess have all been there.

A dark and challenging time. A time of confusion and sometimes despair. A time when they came smack dab face-to-face with the greatest doubts and fears that they already had about themselves. In all, a time when they wondered whether they were strong enough to see it through.

But, there were also gifts. In new paths found, new songs sung, and in the form of friends and fellow travelers, who often became one and the same. And the greatest gift of all - that they were, indeed, greater and grander than they ever imagined.

So, what am I saying? That my recent job search had me taking a ring back to Mordor, stopping bullets in mid-air, blowing up the Death Star, fighting Voldemort and a really big snake, and telling the scarecrow I'd miss him most of all ─ not to mention avoiding poison apples? Well, yeah, I am. Because that's how a job search can feel. Like there's far more road than fuel left. And that we're alone in that car, driving hard through the night, with no one else around for a thousand empty miles.

So, for all those on the same quest, I offer you this small talisman. May it help your foot fall a little softer and your heart beat a little easier along the way.

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