Change ain't easy, but should it be?

Change ain't easy, but should it be?

Change ain't typically easy, but I don't believe it's meant to be.

Because it's basically asking you how bad you want it. How much are you willing to give in time, tenacity and tears to get what you need? Or, conversely, how hard are you willing to fight to stay exactly where you are?

Now, that doesn't mean change is good or bad. It always depends on the circumstances. But, sometimes, you have to be derailed from your routine, comfortable enough journey, knocked off your feet while you're having the wind knocked out of you, to stop, dust off your jacket, look around, and realize you never really wanted to be on those tracks anyway, that you didn't truly care about spending even a day in that destination.

So, you consult the train schedule on the station wall, fish some crumpled dollar bills out of your pocket, and buy a ticket on a new train. One that's gleaming hot silver in the sun, as if it was always there, waiting for you, just wondering when you'd ever get up the nerve to ride it.

And, today, finally, gloriously today, you will.


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