Calling all job hunters: Become a trapeze artist

Calling all job hunters: Become a trapeze artist

When you're an "in between" person, like that period of time where you're looking for a new job, there's a tendency to want to get it settled right away, to know exactly how you'll get from here to there without benefits and bi-weekly paychecks.

To silence the fear by taking the first thing that comes along.

But there's also an opportunity in that space (that time described by William Bridges in his ground-breaking book, "Managing Transtions," as one where you've let go of one trapeze as you fly through the air, waiting to grab onto the other one). For, in that moment, as you feel untethered, as gravity begins to think it might have its way with you, you are given the gift of choice.

To choose to panic, or to trust that there's enough to you, and in you, to get you to a better place.

And it's in that dance between making it happen and letting it happen that we learn a lot about ourselves, others and the world.

Of course, it takes a lot of courage to let go of the trapeze, of the barriers we've so carefully constructed to hold back the panic. But if we do, if we trust that the other trapeze will come back to us, arcing upwards just as our arc starts to descend, ah, yes.....

... there, right there, is the magic.



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