Be someone's way back home

Be someone's way back home

Be someone's way back home today.

We all need help now and then, when we're deep into the forest and our flashlight batteries die. And, in the dark like that, the sounds we hear, a deep-throated howl, leaves crunching, the quick rustling of bushes, well, those sounds can leave us trembling.

In that moment, everyone needs someone willing to come looking, who will get out of their own bed, get dressed even as their breath steams in the cold, pick up their flashlight, and walk out the door, down the front path and straight into the forest themselves.

Now, in reality, many of us are walking around with close-to-dying flashlight batteries, too, because we're caught up in life. Stressed and strained almost to the breaking point. But, somehow, if we can just find the energy to focus on someone else for a moment, instead of our own "stuff," we're going to find out two things pretty quickly.

First of all, when we do find them, and they look up, exhausted but relieved, into the beam of our light, it will all be worth it.

And, second, when we walk out of the forest together, with our arm steadying them, we're going to realize that we're not as tired anymore. In fact, we may just stay up a bit and talk.

Funny, isn't it? When we find someone else, we so often find ourselves.


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