Love each other. It's the only way through this mess.

Love each other. It's the only way through this mess.

Love each other.


It's the only way through and out.


Listen to each other.


Especially to what isn't being said. The fear behind the anger. The hurt behind the hatred.


Be compassionate with each other.

We've all got stuff. We’ve all been misjudged, mistook and misused.

And we’ve likely done some of all three ourselves.


Ease a weary heart today.

Life, day after day, can drain us. Especially now.

With so much shouting and shutting down.


Remember, there are many ways to rescue people.

The big. A whole world pausing, mid-fight, to help children out of a cave.

With one man giving his very breath to do so.


And the small. Moments in our everyday, with family, friends and even strangers.

Moments in which we have a choice.

To change a day. A life. The world.


Don’t believe me?

Well, just read any biography of someone great.

I guarantee you that, somewhere in their story, likely when they were young, just starting out, possibly with little money and sometimes little family, someone took a moment to do something for them.


Something big, like offering them schooling, a job, money, or a family.

But, often, smaller. A meal. A smile. A shoulder. A hand.

Changing the course of a life.


So, please, love each other.

Listen to each other.

Care about each other.


Now, I plead, before we can't find our way back home.


Because the louder we love, the more we can quiet the hate.



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