Confessions of a ChicagoNow Blogger

Confessions of a ChicagoNow Blogger

When I first started blogging for ChicagoNow, I thought it was a great opportunity to get my message out to a larger audience. That message, namely, to paraphrase Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and notice what’s going on in your moments, you could miss the really important stuff.”

What I did not anticipate, though, was how it also would do something for me that I’ve never experienced before. Let me join a whole community of other writers who also have something important they want to say, and a unique place they stand from which to say it.

Now, to understand why this was such an important revelation, you have to understand that writers are basically creatures working in isolation. Yes, they may be surrounded by others in a newsroom, publishing company or corporate communications department, but when they’re writing, they’re usually doing it alone.

Which, for those of us who like to work on teams, is not always the easiest thing. Because a team, a really good one, is made up of people focused on the same goal, sharing a common bond, each with their own voice but when they do what they came together to do, those voices become a choir.

That’s how it feels being a ChicagoNow blogger.

Now, of course, I don’t know all of the many other bloggers on this site. But I do make it a point to try to read a couple of new blogs regularly. And when I do, I’m always amazed. Because just like there are no two snowflakes alike (at least, I hope there aren’t, or this analogy really won’t work), there are no two bloggers alike. Five of us can all witness the same event, and each have our own perspective on it. A perspective made up of our past experiences, our values, the things we are most passionate about, whether we have a personal connection to what happened, and the list goes on.

But here’s the thing. All five of us will be working towards one goal: to tell you what we most want to tell you about the event.


Because that’s what we do. Like prospectors, we mine events and topics and people for gold.

And what’s “gold” in blogger language?

It’s truth. In whatever form that takes. Whether it’s making you think, inspiring you, causing a tear or a laugh, illuminating a connection that was previously hidden, or simply acknowledging that we don’t have the answer.

How do we do it?

By bringing whatever craft we can to our words, as ably as possible, and doing it in the most sincere, human way we can.

And why do we want to share the truth?

Because in it is something vital.

Some lesson that we’re here to learn.

Some feeling that we’re here to feel.

A reason to set the alarm so that we don't miss a minute of it the next day.

And that is why I am honored to count myself among the other bloggers here. Because we’re all on this team together. All reaching out to you, with many voices becoming one.

Of course, you’re the other critical part of the equation. Because, without you, we’d all just be keeping a journal.

Now, if you want to try a simple test to prove my point that I’m teamed with some pretty special people, once you’re done reading this, click around the ChicagoNow site.

Read a new blog or post as often as you can, and let me know if any one of them doesn’t make you see or feel something new.

I’m guessing I won’t hear from you.

Which, in my book, in this case, is perfectly fine.





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