Stop the world, I want to get off


I’m not sure which way is up anymore.

Seems like everyone is mad at everyone about everything. If I say the sky is blue, I guarantee there will be someone who comes along and says it is most definitely yellow.  And they won’t just say it. They’ll scream it.

Plus, everything’s gone crazy.

I turn left. Hurricanes and wildfires.

Right. Harassment scandals, special investigations and more “Breaking News” to break the heart.

I look in front of me. Mass shootings and cars driving into people.

Behind me. Nuclear threats.

I look up. Politicians having 140-character tantrums.


And I wonder, what can one person do? And how can my wife and I help our children, they’re older, yes, but they’re still our children, make sense of what the world has become.

So, the first thing I’d like to say, Mr. Ride Operator, is, please stop the ride.

Yes, it’s been fun. I really enjoyed the popcorn and the hot dogs. The roller coasters were a blast. I even didn’t mind spending $40 on the ring toss game. But now... now it’s time for a break.

So can we stop the world for a moment? Just hit the reset button?

Then, once I’ve taken a breath and placed my hat firmly back on my head, we can go ahead and start the machinery up again.

And maybe when we do, things will be different.

Maybe we’ll like each other a little more, forgetting just why we were quarreling in the first place.

Maybe we won’t use terms around our dinner tables to describe each other that make even the family dog sad.

And, who knows, maybe, just maybe, we’ll realize that, though we’re different in many ways, we’re alike in so many more.

After all, we want the same things. Love. Safety. Belonging.

We fear the same things. Rejection. Pain. Loneliness.

And we all most definitely need a break.


So badly that, in fact, while you were reading those last few sentences, I went out and bought the reset button myself. Found it at my local Home Depot, between the drill bits and dremels.

And, I’m going to push it. Now.

Don’t worry. It’ll be quick.

And after I do, we’ll begin again.

And then, afterwards, who will you forgive?

And whom, oh whom, will you love?




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