Why cops always eat Chinese food in the movies and 12 other top movie clichés

Not rising smoke, Star Wars. Anything but the rising smoke!

So I’m watching “The Force Awakens” and Han Solo and Chewbacca are walking through “Star Killer Base” planting bombs, trying to blow it up before it can destroy another planet. And everywhere smoke is rising.

Now, here’s the thing. Even the name of the base is cliché. I mean really, who the heck came up with the name “Star Killer Base”? Did they run out of money at the end of production, making them unable to hire a marketing person to hold an effective brainstorming session?

Then there’s the plot. The rebels have to blow up the base but can’t because of the defenses so they send down a group. Um, where have I seen that before? “Return of the Jedi” anyone?

But worst of all, Han and Chewie are running through smoke. And here’s where I get on my high horse and say “nay” or “neigh” to the Top 13 Movie Clichés that have me running out of the theater straight to anything new and innovative.

So, without further ado (yikes, even that phrase is a cliché), here are those top movie clichés:



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