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American Idol: Pretty Paul we'll miss your smile, but that's about it

Somehow since last week’s stunning elimination of Pretty Pia Toscano, I have found myself wondering who in the world will win this thing. It was certainly high time for one of the boys to go and despite thinking it would have been Stefano leaving weeks ago, we now wave goodbye to the king of Crest... Read more »

American Idol: Don't cry for Pia, she'll be just fine

American Idol: Don't cry for Pia, she'll be just fine
I know, I know. All of America is sitting in stunned silence at the “shocking” Idol elimination of Pia Toscana. Once you’ve scraped your jaws up off the floor, take a good look at the whole scenario.  This season is turning into “The Bachelor” only in the sense that each week is becoming “the most... Read more »

American Idol's cheesiest night?

I’m all about drama and excitement on Idol’s results night but last night left me cringing just a little bit. I already get a little nauseated at the groups opening numbers but Hulk Hogan? Really? Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of American Idol and what it does for young hopeful singers.... Read more »