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Lauren Spierer, gone a year

Lauren Spierer, gone a year
Seems like it was just yesterday that news spread of a missing college girl from Indiana University. As I’ve said on many occasions, it hit me hard having a daughter that attended the same school; lived in the same building. She had also frequented the same bar and walked the same paths. I never dreamed... Read more »

Keep the search going for Lauren Spierer, don't let this case go cold!

Family and friends of missing Indiana University sophomore Lauren Spierer have reached out to bloggers for help. Since I have already written about her 3 times, I am going to write again for their sake. Mostly for her parents who must be exhausted, sick and frightfully losing hope as the search is now in it’s... Read more »

Lauren Spierer we must find you

I just watched a news briefing on Lauren Spierer’s disappearance. It has been two weeks and I can’t stop thinking about this girl and her family. Watching her father break down on camera when speaking of Father’s Day coming Sunday, I can’t stand sitting by and doing nothing.  In this area and surrounding Chicago suburbs,... Read more »

Lauren Spierer where are you??

Every parent's worst nightmare - please help the Spierer family find their daughter.
Since the disappearance of  20 year old Indiana University student Lauren Spierer 10 days ago, I have been obsessed with the case. Maybe it’s because my older daughter went to Indiana and lived in the same building as Lauren that it has hit me so hard. For whatever reason, I can’t keep myself from googling... Read more »