Covid-19 and clueless people: It will truly become the never-ending story

Covid-19 and clueless people: It will truly become the never-ending story

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend. We had been discussing the fact that we are scared the virus situation as it is is never going to change, never going to get better. Then she sent me this picture she had just received from someone. Lake Geneva, WI. a new breeding ground for Covid-19. I immediately got a knot in my stomach and I thought oh my God, this is really never going to end.

Last week I had also seen pictures from bars in Wisconsin - packed to the walls with nary a mask in sight. Not more than 2-3 feet between any two people. Bartenders wore no protective gear. Again, knots in the stomach.

What is wrong with humanity? What has happened to people caring for their fellow man? All week I see posts begging people to wear masks, to please be considerate of others yet then I see things like this.

News flash folks: nothing has really changed. The virus is still spreading; people are still dying everywhere. The reopening of states will do nothing more than lead to yet another surge of cases and deaths. Not as much because they are reopening - but because of people that feel that there should be no rules and refuse to follow them. Case in point:

A hair stylist in Missouri went back to work on May 4 and did not reveal that she was symptomatic. She engaged with 91 clients before she stopped. Those 91 people are now at risk of testing positive. The only saving grace is that they all were wearing masks. It will be very interesting to see how many, if any, test positive. If most don't at least we can make a case that the masks absolutely helped. So, maybe you can see where I'm going here.

Reopening should be based on a strict following of rules. If a store wants to open and they plan to follow all protocol ie: masks are mandatory, hand sanitizing stations, frequent cleaning of products, etc - then maybe, just maybe we would have a shot at operation under a new normal. Not ideal, but safer. Believe me, I understand what it's like to be unemployed right now. To have my livelihood upended in a day.

But humanity has taken a nosedive. More people are concerned with their "civil rights" than the good of their fellow man. "Oh great!! I can go shopping now, hit the bars and restaurants!! We can pack the sidewalks and stores and be free again! We can resume our lives like nothing ever happened! BUT FOLKS: NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!

I have been researching the Spanish flue epidemic of 1918. If we follow that path, October is going to be one hell of a month,. It started in the spring - got a bit under control and then in October 100,000 people died just in the USA. 100,000 PEOPLE. The virus dragged on for over a year. I can see that happening here. I can see that with the ignorance of those that simply refuse to listen or play by the rules, this is truly going to be a never ending story. We will follow that same path as 1918 despite having modern medicine, antibiotics and other technology that can be of help.

I think for those that still think they are going to be fine no matter what, they should read this article. A Florida man who thought the virus was a hoax. Just read it and then think twice.  And think about your fellow man. Think about the people you may be infecting with your defiance. The people that have a loved one at home with cancer; an elderly parent they care for. All of us who are following the rules - not just for ourselves but for our fellow man. No politics, no divisive attitudes, just caring about humanity and keeping it safe. We are helping you - can't you do the same?

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