What happens in Vegas: it will never be the same

It’s been months since I have written a word. Maybe it’s because I have been too disgusted with the world we are living in these days that has rendered me silent. But this, this latest in the trend of the “largest mass shooting in US History” has caused my writers block to dissipate.

I call it a trend because we all have too fresh in our memories, the last “largest mass shooting in US History” and the one before that and the one before that. It continues and until lawmakers recognize this trend and do something to change it, it’s just a matter of time before it happens again. And again. And again.

Las Vegas. The city of sin and debauchery. But also a place where entertainers entertain, gamblers gamble, industries host large conventions and people simply go to let their hair down.

22,000 people assembled at a Country Music Concert that became all of their worst nightmares. One can say (and I’ve heard said) that at least those that died were enjoying life at the time. But 59 people did not live to tell how much they enjoyed the evening. That my friends would have been something that did not “stay in Vegas”.

59 families are left with nothing but grief and heartache. Those that were shot and survived will suffer from memories of that moment of impact when they too could have been a statistic. All the other people in attendance will live with the knowledge that they could have been one of the victims. And none of this will ever stay just in Vegas.

We can ask over and over again, why did this happen? How could this happen? How do these things keep happening?

In Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue the evening of the massacre, he spoke of how after several hotel fires killed multiple people in Vegas years ago, the fire codes were changed and this has not happened since. And he asks, as do I why this can’t be the way our government now looks at mass shootings? Enough people have died senselessly; enough families have and will continue to suffer from these horrific losses.

The way I found out about the shooting was on a morning check of instagram. The first post I saw was “Pray for Vegas”. All I could say to myself was “Oh God, what happened now?” I wasn’t shocked or surprised, I was disgusted and angry, sad and feeling helpless.

At this point, “Praying for Vegas” and “our thoughts and prayers are with Vegas” don't mean much to me any longer. We post “Pray for Orlando”, “Pray for San Bernardino” , “Prayers for Sandy Hook"and the other tragedies happening around the world at the hands of gunmen. What have these prayers accomplished? They are empty unless we do something.

What can I do you ask?

I did some research for a good place to start. Click on this link to see how to contact your State Representative and take it from there. But do it. If everyone steps up, maybe then the people’s voices can be heard. People want their second amendment rights protected, but remember the first amendment gives us freedom of speech. Use your voice, talk about what happened in Vegas.

And maybe it’s time to change that slogan.

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