Post election: I'm going back to my bubble, care to join me?

Post election: I'm going back to my bubble, care to join me?

One month post election.

Leading up to it it seemed as though it would never arrive, election day. Now it's come and gone and the angst of what else is now to come doesn't lose any ground. Half the country got what they want; the other half didn't.

I have learned a tremendous amount in the past year and a half leading up to November 8. Having never been very interested or knowledgable in politics, I took an interest. I read, I watched, I listened. The more my interest level grew, the more I came out of my rose colored bubble. No wonder I never paid attention before!

Coming out of that bubble has meant I have had to face some cold, hard realities that I don't like to look at. First and foremost, that politics incites the most intense rage in people; it's ugly, it's hateful and it's sad. There's that half and the other half. It's the most divisive subject (other than religion) that I've encountered and no matter what your opinion may be, there is not a single person on the other side that will ever, ever see things your way.

I've occasionally written about my feelings towards our President-elect. I don't like him. Matter of fact, he makes my skin crawl. It has nothing to do with him being a Republican and everything to do with him as a person. I was raised in a Democratic household but that does not require me to vote as such. I am open minded and really listened and educated myself on the candidates early on in the primaries. Never once did I imagine that the country would choose Donald Trump.

That being said, he is the choice.

While this keeps me awake at night, I can no longer pay attention. This may make me a fool, to force myself to be oblivious to what is happening in the world but this is not how I can function. It's hard enough to live everyday life. We all do what we can to make our lives happy and comfortable. Before I paid attention to news and politics, I was a very happy person.

My bubble is a really nice place. It's void of constant worry about what direction our country is going, it's only worried about if the Cubs are going to win the World Series again in 2017. It's not filled with wondering what Donald Trump is going to tweet next, it's filled with having nice conversations with friends and families about all things unrelated to politics.

My bubble has no room for Facebook rants and constant arguments between people that don't even know each other; it only has room for posts about people's new babies or grandchildren; their vacations or their kids accomplishments.

My bubble has no room for hate. There is too much of this in the world and too many toxic people participating in it. I can't live my life every day feeling that the world is nothing but ugly. I refuse to do that - I want to see the beauty in things and the good in people.

My bubble is just that: MY BUBBLE. I own it and everything in it. All the feelings and choices I make are mine. Perhaps this is a selfish way to live but that's not my intent. I want to share happiness with people; I live to be with my family and friends. laughing and living and enjoying this very precious, fragile life we all have been blessed with.

So, if you care to join me, come on. Or better yet, create your own bubble. Live life happy and forget your troubles. If you believe in something strongly, make sure fighting for it brings you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction - not angst and sleepless nights.

I'm climbing in my bubble now. You may want to try it.

"Soon and for the rest of your life".

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