Remember when the Cubs won the World Series?

Remember when the Cubs won the World Series?

Euphoria. A happiness that almost felt illegal to feel. A joy that had not been experienced in a lifetime. These are all things that describe my feeling on the night of November 2nd when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Does anyone remember that night?

A fellow blogger over at "I've Got The Hippy Shakes" wrote about this very subject today here. It is about how Election 2016 was a buzzkill after all the excitement. He is right on about that.

I want to take his thoughts a step further - I want to call on my fellow fans who are in an election funk to remember that feeling every time you are down. Everytime you are depressed or upset about the next four years, watch this:

It's thirty minutes sure. But I dare you to think about anything other than the game in those minutes. Do anything less than smile, feel the panic when you thought they might lose (I never did), cry, relive that feeling that came once in your whole lifetime.

We all waited too many years to let this feeling just slip away so quickly. Ironically, on election day I drove down to Wrigley Field to see the marquis, etc. I was lucky enough to have attended game 5 (lucky? I felt like the luckiest person on the planet) and experience that joy but I wanted to see Wrigley Field and experience it for the first time as the home of our World Series Champions.

There was fear about the election in the back of my mind but once I arrived there, it all melted away. The wall of names was still up and I added my father's to it. I circled the park and observed the hundreds of people, all dressed in their Cubs World Champion attire, proud and content. We had done it. Here was the shrine to our team. Our team that brought the greatest joy to our city that we ever experienced (sorry other sports fans, no other victory parades have ever resulted in 5,000,000 people showing up).

During the post season I was seriously afflicted with Cubs fever. Now I realize that it was a healthy fever - it had a grip on our souls that was hard to describe to the average person who doesn't follow baseball. It gave us all a purpose and a feeling of hope and thrills unmatched except maybe by childbirth.

All that euphoria was rudely interrupted by the outcome of the election. Instead of Facebook feeds clogged with excited and thrilled fans, it has been taken over by hopelessness and fear. That's just not right.

Let's focus on the good things in our lives and hold onto them for dear life. We can all make a difference in our own ways by using our voices and taking a stand. But in the moments that we need to feel joy, remember that night when the impossible happened. Bottle up that feeling and take it with you wherever you go.

Because it's that good.

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