Trump, Trump, Trump: I vote for a Trump free week, any takers?

Trump, Trump, Trump: I vote for a Trump free week, any takers?

Donald Trump. Don Trump (Martin Sheen calls him this). The Donald. Donald Drumpf. Trump. Trump. Trump.

I say enough.

I can't imagine what the news will be like post election when we don't hear his name every. single. day. Or will we? He'll continue to rattle his opposition with insane rhetoric and we will all, myself included continue to let it bother us. So I vote for a Trump free week, I think we could all use a break.

In the past two weeks as his anger provoking commentaries continue to escalate, the media has failed to just ignore. They feed into it like flies on big piles of cow manure and it's got to stop. He has received millions and millions of dollars of free advertising through this and yet, it is like the Eveready Battery, it keeps going and going.

This is what Donald Trump lives for. His narcissistic behavior craves as much attention as he can possibly render so for him, this is the perfect scenario. Say something crazy. The media is all over it, can't stop talking and debating about it. Then he says he was just kidding or just being sarcastic. The media then goes into overdrive discussing that. So, no matter what he says or does, we are focused on his antics twenty four hours a day.

On a side note, I was wondering about his insistence of sarcasm in his declarations of Obama and Hillary Clinton being the co - founders of Isis. Also his call to Russia to hack our confidential emails. He claims he was "just kidding". Imagine you are at the airport in the security line. You jokingly say you have a bomb or a weapon. You're just kidding, right? You're overheard by a TSA agent and the next thing you know you're being hauled in for questioning. It's not a joke and never will be. We know what we can and can't say. Why doesn't he?

Political analysts on CNN debate daily on the craziness which is election 2016. The Trump supporters will defend him to the death. The Clinton supporters will continue to shake their heads in disgust as his supporters play regular damage control. It's in plain and simple terms, a shit show. So why feed into it even more?

Many Trump supporters complain that the media ignores issues with Clinton to focus all their energies on what The Daily Trump has to say. What they seem to fail to recognize is that HE LOVES IT. He WANTS all the attention to be focused on him and that is why he has gone as far as he has. He is the train wreck that no one can take their eyes off of.

So, I propose a Trump ban for one week. In that week, no one can watch the news or speak of him. No one can post news articles about him on Facebook nor comment if someone does. In great contrast to Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction indignantly demanding that she won't be ignored, let's ignore The Donald for a whole week.

Yes, Donald you can be ignored. If people make a conscious effort to refuse to feed into his daily antics, perhaps the election can be well, a little less crazy. (I don't want to hear about emails any more either on the Clinton side of things). No matter what he says or does, his supporters are going to continue to support. Like he has said, "I can stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and I wouldn't lose any voters."

Maybe a Trump free week will give the media and the public a chance to regroup, a chance to look at real issues. This is what has been missing this election season. Each candidate is looked at as being less than trust worthy. Each candidate has skeletons in their closets. But this is who we elected in our primaries, these are the two we have to work with. So, take a week off of Trump propaganda and focus on the issues. Focus on your life and what mattered before he became a daily word.

Let's just not talk about him at all.

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