Finding Lauren Spierer: who thought three years would go by with no answers?

Finding Lauren Spierer: who thought three years would go by with no answers?
Frozen in time - Let's find Lauren once and for all.

June 3, 2011. I was having a conversation with my younger daughter who mentioned a girl at Indiana University had gone missing early in the morning hours of that day. It gave me chills; my older daughter had graduated from IU the year before and lived in the same building as the missing girl.

Her name is Lauren Spierer. A tiny blond fashion major who somehow seemed to vanish from the face of the Earth. At the time I recall praying for her family to find her safely. After several months of following and writing about the case, I thought surely they will find her eventually. Then it came up to a year.Nothing. Two years. Nothing. Now three.

As I have said countless times, the case hits close to home because of my own daughters - it could have been one of them. All her parents have left at this point is the never ending stream of hope and prayer that someday they will have answers. They have no hope at this point that their precious daughter is alive, only that they want to know what happened. Where did Lauren disappear to?

On the night of June 2, 2011 Lauren was out with friends in a local sports bar where she was said to be heavily intoxicated. She was underage and when she left the bar her cell phone and shoes were left behind. The last photo of Lauren is of her leaving her apartment building. A moment frozen in time for her family. One last picture, one last time to see their daughter alive.

What happened to Lauren after that picture was taken will seem to be a mystery for a long time to come. I cannot imagine the pain her parents endure every single day. While they have said they feel it's time to try to move on with their lives, how awfully difficult that must be.

There are several young men that were allegedly the last to see Lauren alive. She was said to have left one boy's apartment in the early morning hours of June 3, 2011 and never made it to her apartment. As intoxicated as she was I still will never believe that's what happened. And the boys aren't talking. They retained lawyers immediately and have made the agony for the Spierer's that much greater with their continued, painful silence.

For some reason I find myself thinking of Lauren often. I never knew her or her family but as the mother of two girls I feel their pain somehow. I have even found myself wishing that there was something I could do to help - and that is why I have continued to write about her. Maybe by doing so, someone, somewhere will speak up.

The Bloomington, Indiana police department has indicated they continue to receive tips on her disappearance. Three years in and there is still hope.

I would love to see the Spierer's have some peace. To awaken everyday to the same recurring nightmare is unimaginable. As they alway say, "someone knows something". Please who ever does, come forward. Let this family have some quality of life without the daily questions of what happened to their daughter.

Let's not get to year 4.

All tips are anonymous. You can share anything you know and it will not affect you so why not speak up? Anything small could be big as Charlene and Robert Spierer have continually said. The Bloomington Police tip line isĀ 812-339-4477. For more information on Lauren, please click here or go to

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