A normal day, a normal life

Right now I am sitting in a hotel room in Hartford, WI. I've been in my PJ's since 6pm, working and entering orders on my computer from a busy work day. I drove around 175 miles today, listened to the audio CD of "Bossypants" by Tina Fey and went on two sales calls. I wrote some great orders, worked with great buyers and enjoyed every minute.

I drove through McDonalds for lunch and ate a couple of snack wraps. I ate dinner at a local pizza joint, opting for the chef salad but not opting out of the garlic "knots" that came with it. I topped it off with a chocolate dipped cone, back at McDonalds and then headed back to my hotel. I've had numerous episodes of "Criminal Minds" playing in the background while I worked; laughed as I watched "Last Comic Standing" (sort of, no one is all that good this time).

This all may sound boring to you and you may be saying to yourself, "who gives a crap what she did all day?"


I woke up and as usual, was a little nervous about my mammogram that was scheduled for this morning. I always get nervous and especially now since it's been ten years I feel like it's a jinx.

My daughter called while I was on the way and when I told her where I was headed she asked if it was just routine. "Of course" I told her as for all I knew, it was.

Once in the room, having my boobs smashed into the machine, I joked with the technician about how I am always a nervous Nellie during these times. I finished up, put my top back on and went to wait for the results. When you've already had breast cancer you get your results immediately, no waiting.

The tech came out to tell me that there was a spot on the film and they wanted more images. After nearly fainting in a pile of tears, a complete stranger came to hold me, literally. She hugged me for what seemed like an eternity. I collected myself and called my husband. He was there in 10 minutes.

A doctor was called in and before I knew it a needle biopsy was completed and I was sent home to wait it out. Could be up to 48 hours they told me, not sure exactly when but your doctor will call you with results. I left and went to my office; I tried to work but spent most of the day shaking and feeling as though I was in yet another nightmare - I'd been there once; there I would go again. I did not sleep for two days.


I sit here in my hotel room in my plaid pajama pants, Indiana Hoosiers T shirt and continue to watch boring TV.  I realize that this is about the best day I could ever have.

It's normal. And there is nothing better than that.

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