The Oscars: My favorite all timers that may or may not have won a golden statue

Every year the world gears up for The Oscars. Hollywood's best of the best. I don't always agree with the Academy on their choices and I'll be curious to see how things fare this evening. This year of movies was more about individual performances instead of actual films. I didn't love the ones I saw, but loved some of the acting. Good luck Leo and Mattew, I smell a tight race.

Over the years I have developed my favorites as we all have. There are a lot of movies that I could and do watch over and over that were never considered for the golden statue. That's okay, I love them anyway. Movies like Overboard, Maid in Manhattan, Sweet Home Alabama, Working Girl (nominated for something but couldn't get a good clip), The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Rebecca are some that I watch repeatedly. Even if I've seen them a hundred times, I still watch them when they're on.

But these are my favorites. The Graduate is and always will be my favorite movie. Plastics. Think about it.

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