Donna Day 2014: Raising funds for pediatric cancer in honor of a very special girl

Donna Day 2014: Raising funds for pediatric cancer in honor of a very special girl

Back in 2011, the first year I started blogging for Chicagonow, I met Donna. I did not meet the in the flesh Donna, I met her through her Mother's (Mary Tyler Mom of Chicagonow)  blog series. A thirty day chronicle of her extraordinary journey with pediatric cancer. A journey that ended in the worst possible way, with Donna's passing. A four year old child lost to a disease that is claiming life after life, day after day.

The story touched me deeply. I could not imagine the pain that the whole experience caused the family. As a parent, I have cherished the health of my children more than my own. But I could relate on a certain level that others may not. I myself am a two time cancer survivor. I've experienced chemotherapy and radiation. Knowing what that felt like broke my heart even more when thinking of a four year old going through it. Thousands of children go through it everyday.

I've had the pleasure of getting to know Mary Tyler Mom and I've felt the pain of her loss during conversations about it. She and her husband are passionate about raising funds and as such they started Donna's Good Things, a non-profit founded in 2009 to honor the memory of their daughter Donna and help fulfill her potential.

Donna Day is an annual blogging campaign to raise awareness and funds for the Donna's Good Things shave event for St. Baldrick's (a childhood cancer charity fund raising organization). This years event is 3.29.14. This has been a success the past two years raising nearly $200,000 for childhood cancer research.

Look at that face above. Look Donna in the eye and don't look away. That light, that face only exists in her parents memories and pictures. How many other families will experience this type of loss? Too many, and that is why this disease must be erradicated. To do this takes funding for research. Enormous amounts of funding and that's where you can help.

To donate to this event please follow this link to the St. Baldrick's event page. Make a donation. Or volunteer to shave your head.

It could be your child.

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