The end of the BRCA series: a wrap up

Wow, what a month. When I first decided to do a series on the BRCA gene I really didn't realize what was involved. Looking back I will never regret a second of it. But I do have some thoughts on the month.

First, my guest posters. My amazing, brave group of women (and one man!) who agreed to share their most personal stories, their greatest fears. These everyday people that like myself, have been blessed (or cursed?) with the knowledge that we carry this genetic mutation. With the help of Sidney Powell (a Board Member of the BRCA Gene Awareness Organization) and others, I found these people. And to all of them I wish to express a deep heart felt thank you. I am honored that you shared your stories.

I also have some other thoughts.

During this month, I will say that I missed a lot of "SEO" opportunities. For those that don't know what that means, that's "search engine optimization". As a blogger sometimes we can get carried away by the number or the desire to have a huge amount of "hits". That equates to how many people read or view our post.

In other months I write about some current events, things that I feel strongly about and sometimes people in the news. I missed a ton of SEO opportunities this month however, I had thought (hoped)  that the interest in this series would have been greater than any of the things I was reading about. Make no mistake that I did not do this series to generate idle page views or hits - I did it to SPREAD THE WORD about BRCA and hopefully save some lives.

So, throughout the month I saw the attention that other subjects garnered. There was the Maria Kang "What's Your Excuse" fat shaming story. Hundreds of thousands of page views and likes on a woman who pissed off a bunch of people. Bruce Jenner and Kris Kardashian Jenner announced they were separating. And millions of people actually cared. The press was on fire.

And then there was Kim Kardashian getting engaged. Not just that, there was the racy shot she posted on Instagram of her "post baby body".  Not a picture of her with her baby, not a loving shot of her with her husband to be. Just a shot of her (sorry folks) fat ass to prove something. But what?? Where is the benefit in any of this?

I also had missed opportunities writing about things like the crappy judging on Dancing With The Stars, who thought the right person won on Project Runway and other trivialities that at other times, I actually enjoy writing about. And just today,  a story circulating about a mother who plans to hand out "Trick or Fat" letters to kids she think are too fat for candy. I could have been all over that. But, I had a mission.

So as I watched the numbers for my series never really go above 600 views on any given day, I was very upset. Not because I wanted to win any top spot awards for page views, but because the more people that read the series and shared it, the more chances there would be of saving lives. Remember that knowledge of carrying the BRCA gene is empowering. I wanted the world to know.

Then a couple of people put it in perspective for me.

First I had to look at the months results, not just a day by day. I had 8,000 people come to the site . There were 14,000 page views which were spread across the series as well as a few other topics I've written about in the past. And as one friend put it "those are meaningful page views, not a ton of views about something people will forget about right away".

Another friend put it right where I needed to hear. "I guarantee you saved a life". If that is true then I only needed one page view. Because no matter what I write about any other time, no matter how trivial or important - the fact that I may have saved someone's life with any of this information makes me want to do cartwheels. Dance in the street kinda stuff. And no amount of pages views can ever replace that.

So, for everyone out there who read, shared or went through with the BRCA test as a result of reading, I thank you. And I wish you nothing but good health and good luck.

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