Dexter series finale: just no way to have a good ending

Dexter series finale: just no way to have a good ending

I don't know about you but I have been a die hard fan of Dexter for several years. Anyone that knows me was shocked at the fact that here I am, afraid of any sharp object that comes within a hundred yards of me, loving a show about a serial killer who stabs his victims to death.

Yet, I believe I fell in love with the show since I loved the concept of him killing "the bad guys". He was doing good.

Tomorrow night the series, which has had eight seasons will come to an end. And no matter how I try to picture it ending, it just can't be good. This season has been weak at best as the writing has become sluggish, predictable and as far fetched as can be. So it's truly ending at a good time. Yet, any way I spin what can happen, it seems anti climactic.

I've searched the internet for spoilers and even those, which claim to be accurate are disappointing. I think back on some of my favorite Dexter moments and I can't imagine anything will come close. Or I reminisce on my favorite season, the season of the Trinity killer and I realize that it's kind of been down hill since. Good, but never that good. Then again, can anyone top John Lithgow's performance?


So, what is going to happen tomorrow night?  Here are the known points leading up to the finale:

1) Vogel is dead. Duh.

2) Saxon is on the loose. He's not very nice.

3) Deb's been shot. Not good.

4) Deb and Quinn have just rekindled. So glad, since Jamie was completely annoying.

5) Hannah is stupid. Runs Harrison to a clinic without even trying to disguise herself. Idiot. Bad writing.

6) Dexter is obsessed with Hannah. There's no other explanation for his ability to get an erection and have sex with her in less than 15 seconds. Boom. Over.

7) Harry is gone. I loved Harry but apparently Dex is on his own now since he, like the tin man, has found his heart.

8) Matsuka has a kid. Why?

9) Dex, Harrison and Hannah are blowing town to Argentina. Just leaving for a country they've never been to, don't speak the language and what, just toss Harrison into school? That's so realistic!!

10) Elway is on Dexter's tail. Well, Hannah's actually of course not knowing that Dexter has in fact butchered a few people. Just a few.

11) Dexter couldn't sell his boat. Guy wanted a bigger beer cooler.

So with the known facts up to now, what could happen that would satisfy the public's thirst for a "good ending"?

1) No one wants Deb to die. But she might so that's not good. If she lives, she will be traumatized by being shot and Dexter leaving so that's not good.

2) Will Dexter die? That's not good. He's gotten away with everything this long why kill him now? If he lives and makes it to Argentina to live happily ever after that's a cop out ending. Not good.

3) Will Hannah die? I wouldn't mind that scenario but leaving Dexter to do what? Stay in Miami and kill more bad guys? Yawn.

4) Will Deb confess to killing Maria? Not good.

5) If Deb dies what will Quinn do? It's rumored that he will become the next Dexter. Start killing bad guys. But come on, can anyone do it like Dexter? Was Quinn ever born with a "dark passenger"? Not good.

6) Will anyone ever care that Matsuka has a daughter?

7) Will Batista not annoy me in the finale? Not possible.

So what do you think? What scenario would satisfy your own ending to your Sunday night ritual. I watched the first 5 seasons of Dexter in two weeks. It's all we did every single night, watch episode after episode. Since then it's been like a sickness. Dex, Dex is on, can't wait for Dex. So now that it's ending I find that there just isn't any way to make it a satisfying ending. Or maybe there is one idea:

Dexter can kill the writers of season eight.

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