The Voice finale: Why Michelle Chamuel didn't win, in my humble opinion

The Voice finale: Why Michelle Chamuel didn't win, in my humble opinion

Well folks, it's over. Season Four of The Voice came to a most pleasant close tonight with great entertainment and a predictable winner. Not to say that Danielle Bradbery isn't just about the most adorable little sixteen year old with a huge voice to hit the music scene. However, there was no way that girl was going to lose. And I kinda hoped she would.

The first time I saw Michelle Chamuel during the auditions I thought "wow, that's kind of a strange girl". I couldn't really say why; perhaps the glasses, the eyes, I don't know. She's fairly pretty in a geekish way and with that, week after week I found myself pulling for her more and more.

I found myself thinking that she could actually win the whole thing. With a guy like Usher coaching her, how could she go wrong? After all, he made Justin Bieber a superstar. Sadly though, Justin Bieber has some of the same elements to him that Danielle has. Those elements seem to beat the underdogs every time. Just like last season when Nicholas David lost to Cassadee Pope.

Here are some of the reasons why I believe Danielle won and Michelle was the runner up:

1) Both singers are incredible. BUT, Danielle is country and the audience seems to go crazy for that.

2) Michelle is quirky. Not everyone embraces quirkiness. Again, remember Nicholas David.

3) Danielle is sixteen. That young innocence is a scene stealer.

4) Michelle is like the Taylor Swift song "You Belong to Me" with the lyrics

"But she wears short skirts
I wear t-shirts
She's cheer captain
And I'm on the bleachers"

Danielle is the cheerleader and Michelle is on the sidelines.

5) Michelle is not only quirky but she is openly gay and Jewish (I'm Jewish too so I'm not judging). Danielle is the epitome of the All American girl. Almost like a Barbie doll. More acceptable to the average American. And don't give me crap, you know it's true.

6) Danielle is a country singer and had a superstar country singer for a coach. Win, win, win.

7) Michelle is a bit awkward on stage. Some people love it as did I; others find it hard to watch.

8) Michelle had a little bit of a rocker vibe at times while Danielle regularly sang country and country and country. It's arguably the most popular type of music.

9) With Danielle being sixteen, blonde and adorable she probably had every pimply teenage boy in America voting for her. The ones without pimples too.

10) Michelle is twenty seven. Nearly a has been.

I'm not remotely worried about Michelle with Usher lovingly at her side. I have no doubt he will continue to groom her for a great career in the music world. I was just hoping in my heart of hearts, that the one on the sidelines might win for a change.

Instead of the cheerleader.

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