The Stanley Cup, The Blackhawks and the fact that I don't like hockey

The Stanley Cup, The Blackhawks and the fact that I don't like hockey
But I can't help it!

Yes, that's right. I don't like hockey. It's not that I hate it, I just don't feel anything for it. Right now I'm feeling like I'm un-American or that I should suddenly jump on a band wagon that I don't care to be on. I just don't like the game. I don't get it.

I know lots of people that would like to slap me right now. I know that the community manager for this site is a huge Blackhawks fan and I am guessing this story won't be featured. I'm sorry. What I want is for someone to explain to me the passion for this game.

In my lifetime I've been to about three Hawks games. I never watched the movie "Slapshot". I never watched the Olympic team win the medal. I so very badly want to enjoy this game but I don't. Why not I ask? I can't explain it. It just doesn't invoke any excitement in me whatsoever. I know that's bad. Right now it's really bad. We are in the middle of a championship and I am not excited.

I am not a fair weather fan. Well, actually I could be called that at certain times - like when the Bulls or the Cubs do well (okay, the Cubs, not so much). When those teams play well, I watch. I'll even watch football when the Bears are doing well. But I can't watch the Hawks and people, I am sorry.

My husband never watched hockey - ever. Suddenly he is taping the games and watching. He zips through them to see the goals and doesn't watch any of the real game. He is just being male. It's a sport and our home team is doing well. It's the law.

I wish that right now I felt an ounce of the excitement I see all over the internet. I can't sign on Facebook without seeing nearly every status talk about the Hawks. Instagram pictures. Tweets. It's more electric than anything I've ever seen. It's obviously a sport that many people live for. So, someone explain to me what it is.

Maybe if I get the picture I'll be able to jump in and enjoy like everyone else before the season ends. Yes, of course I think it will be totally cool if the Hawks win, I'm not a hockey scrooge. But I'd like to feel something. 

Help me out here folks, before the Cup is won.

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