Lauren Spierer still missing two years later and no more answers than before

Lauren Spierer still missing two years later and no more answers than before
Frozen in time - Let's find Lauren once and for all.

June 3, 2011. A petite blond fashion major attending Indiana University goes missing. Her parents, who live in New York are notified. Their nightmare begins and it still continues.

Imagine receiving that phone call. Imagine waking up for 730 mornings and not knowing what happened to your child. Going to bed for that many evenings with the questions of what may have happened to her going completely unanswered. Two years of waiting, wondering. Two years that could turn into ten, twenty, never.

I have followed the case since day one. I've been writing about it all along, any time there is any type of news I find myself hoping for answers. The case itself has gained national attention. The Spierer's story has been in People Magazine; they appeared on Katie Couric's talk show appealing for answers.

I have no relation to Lauren Spierer or her parents, Robert and Charlene. Yet, all along I have felt some of their pain as my own daughter attended IU and lived in the same building as Lauren, only graduating a year before. Lauren was supposed to graduate last Month, another empty day of pain for her family.

There are many young ladies that go missing, too many. A similar case of a young girl, Mickey Shunick, gained national attention as well. Her story however , ended quickly. She was found murdered within weeks of her disappearance. At the very least, her parents had answers. Horrific ones for sure, but they knew of their daughter's fate.

The not knowing has to be unending agony. If I don't know where my grown daughter's are for an hour I get crazy. I absolutely cannot fathom the family's pain. And yet, with all the appeals they have made to the public for answers and for the responsible parties to come forward anonymously with any small bit of information, there is silence. Deafening, painful silence.

There has always been some speculation that drugs were involved and perhaps Lauren, who had a heart condition may have died that night. But where is her body and who is covering it up? The three boys that were with her that evening and the last to see her have refused all along to take polygraph tests to clear themselves.

At this point, her parents do not hold out any hope that she is alive. They were not encouraged or given any hope when the three missing Ohio girls were found after missing for ten years. They do not believe that Lauren is in that situation.

All they want are some answers. Their line"someone knows something" has become somewhat of a mantra for them. Recently, the Bloomington Fire Department installed all fresh new signs and billboards in an attempt to keep the search for Lauren alive. The police department continues to follow up on every tip and lead they receive. Yet, nothing leads them to Lauren.

I'm certain the Spierer's, back on June 3, 2011 did not see themselves being here on June 3, 2013 still not knowing the fate of their youngest daughter. No parent should have to suffer this kind of pain and uncertainty. One wonders how the person or persons that know what happened to her cannot provide an anonymous tip, anything. And the story continues.

I can only hope by June 3, 2014 the Spierer's will have found some answers. And most of all, some peace.

Robert and Charlene Spierer, waiting, wondering and hoping.

Robert and Charlene Spierer, waiting, wondering and hoping.

Anyone with any information, even the smallest piece, contact the Bloomington Police Department at 812-339-4477. Or email to For more information, you can visit her information page at


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