Kim and Kanye's new daughter: What's up with the name North??

Kim and Kanye's new daughter: What's up with the name North??

It's not a secret that I have come to loathe all things Kimye. I've never been a Kim Kardashian fan and there's  lot of people that hate me for it. They defend her to the ends of the Earth. But I want to know how, any of those people in their right mind can defend Kim and Kanye's baby name choice of North West. You have got to be kidding.

I have been searching the internet for any explanation but I'm coming up short. I've decided that they simply want more attention than they already have, if that's even possible. Or, they just want their poor child to be bullied and picked on relentlessly.

Twitter has been abuzz with jokes as have comedians everywhere. Lots of bad direction jokes and other various rippings on this choice of name. It's certainly not the weirdest baby name I've heard though as I believe Pilot Inspektor (actor Jason Lee's child) and Tu Morrow (actor Rob Morrow's child) are pretty bizarre.

One has to wonder however, how people with any ounce of sense (therein may lie the problem!!) do this to their child? Some kids with parents who have given them ridiculous names have grown up to change them. I can just imagine little North growing up to someday ask her parents, who will more than likely not be together by then, why. The question would go something like this:

"Excuse me mom/dad but why the f@*$ would you ever f@*%ing give me an awful f#$%ing name like this? It's completely f#*$ed up you f#*%ing morons. Changing it to Mary."

Much has been written about kooky celebrity baby names. There's some great ones right here. I get people trying or daring to be different. But when it's at the expense of their child being bullied it makes no sense. Even Kim swore on Jay Leno she would never name the baby North.

So why the change of mind? Not so sure that Easton West was a good choice either. Sister Kourtney has two normally named children with Mason and Penelope so why choose something so odd? Does Kim just have to be the center of attention?


The End.

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