Mediocre blogging - it's really okay to be just "okay"

Mediocre blogging - it's really okay to be just "okay"

Blogging. A funny word for what really started as a way for people to express their thoughts, keep an online diary, etc. There were many reasons for it. Now in 2013 there are several hundred million blogs out there. Mine, is just one of them. That sure makes me a small pea in a very large pod.

I've been writing this blog since February 2011. My original premise was to put a spin on different subjects that perhaps people may not have thought of. I have always enjoyed writing, that's a given. Yet, my writing was always kept to myself. Now for the past 2 years it has been in a public forum for anyone who felt the desire to read. But not that many do. And lately, I have simply stopped caring. Not that people don't read it - but how many.

I have opinions. Sometimes they are strong, sometimes not. Sometimes they are agreed with; other times I have spent a couple of days fielding not just differing opinions but nasty comments that are uncalled for. There are some blog bullies out there that just love to pick a fight. I used to let it bother me; now I don't. I've expressed my opinion and if someone doesn't like it, so be it. I was called an "insignificant spec of feces" by one commenter because I wrote something against Kim Kardashian. That person needs to find something better to do.

Through all the writing I have done, which has been very cathartic for me, I have never en-massed any large audience. Yes, there have been a few blogs I've written that were widely read (widely as in at best 15,000 overall hits - which I considered huge for me and still do) but for the most part perhaps 100-200 people per day read my ramblings. And that's pretty cool.

I've had people write me personal letters on my Facebook page telling me how something I wrote impacted them. Quite a few actually. Last week a woman from Canada wrote to tell me that when the Jodi Arias verdict came in, she thought of me immediately; someone she had never met but she had read my several blogs on the trial. That really touched me. I have a devoted reader that lives in California that never fails to tell me how much she enjoys my writing and to keep at it.

So, when I say that mediocre blogging is okay - I don't mean that my writing is mediocre because I'd like to believe that it's pretty good. I mean that it's okay to have a small fan base and to just write for yourself. If you spend all your time worrying about readership you may lose yourself in it. I've been guilty of worrying about that myself; too often. It's not worth it.

Quality and content. If you're happy with it, that should be enough. Just enjoy doing what you're doing.

I do.

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