College kids home for the summer: Don't drive your parents crazy

College kids home for the summer: Don't drive your parents crazy
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To all of you kids coming home from college for the summer:

I'm a lucky parent that no longer has to deal with this shit. Yes, I had six summers between my two daughters that I got to enjoy them living back at home after being on their own for nine months. On their own with no Mom or Dad supervising their moves, demanding a curfew or controlling their shenanigans. Yes, I said shenanigans. Those equal drinking, parties, late nights and a bunch of other crap you all like to do "cuz you do it at school".

Well, I have a request. Not for me since I'm done with this fun time of life (not). Before you get home, remind yourself that you are about to live with someone else's rules for a few months and prepare to deal with it.

You think that you're the only ones that have to adjust? I know you all live in the "me" generation but guess what? Your parents may not be so thrilled to have you home! Sure, they love you. Sure, they have missed the shit out of you. But they have also not missed cooking for you, cleaning for you. They have most certainly not missed waiting up for you if you miss your curfew.

If there aren't other kids at home when you're away, they've been able to "do it" whenever they want to. Gross thought I know but your parents have sex. And they enjoy not having to sneak it in or be quiet. Okay, TMI.

So you have been away and learned, hopefully how to fend for yourself. You've had to wash your own clothes and feed yourself. I know that dorm food can suck for you freshman and Mom's meals are a welcome change but when she cooks for you, clean it up. Don't leave the dishes like you do in the cafeteria.

And your laundry? You've done it all school year so why leave it for mom? She is not your maid. Don't make her count the days till you go back.

You want the car? Sure. Get a job and fill it up with your own money. Hopefully you already looked for a job and you won't spend the summer sponging off mom and dad while you're at the pool. Save that summer income so when you go back in the fall you can pay for some of your own shit. We do not have ATM's built out of our butts. Seriously, we don't.

And most of all, just because you stay out till all hours when you're at school doesn't mean you always have to when you're at home. Your well trafficked at 3AM college campus is a whole different scene than when you are home. When you're out driving at that time, alot of your parents are laying awake, watching the clock and worrying to death where you are. And while many of them have to get up for work, all you have to get up for is lunch.

Just take it easy on them guys. They raised you, they bathed and clothed and fed you. Many of them are paying for that quality education you are getting. So be nice and considerate. Make their summer less of a hell. Because God only knows when you graduate and move back home, they'll be ready for the loony bin.


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