The Voice v American Idol - The Voice is the clear winner

The Voice v American Idol - The Voice is the clear winner

Way back when American Idol was in it's infancy, I wouldn't miss an episode for anything. It was so innovative, so new. With a first winner like Kelly Clarkson, the show seemed destined to just churn out superstar after superstar. Cut to present day and a change of judging panel with not so good ears and you have a mediocre karaoke competition.

Then we have The Voice. Setting aside the simply astounding sexiness of Adam Levine who has brought out the cougar in me like none other, the talent is night and day to Idol.

Not discounting that there are a couple of very good females on Idol this season, it's just the overall aesthetic of the show that is so tired. Some of the differences I see on the two shows are as follows:

The judges: Even with a change of judges this season on The Voice, the panel only got better. The banter between them is pure entertainment in itself. They're funny, constructive and most of all, kind. They don't hurl insults, they are gentle with their comments. As for Idol it's hardly a secret that Nicki Minaj is obnoxious, irritating and offensive. I can't fathom the logic of bringing in someone whose voice so closely resembles fingernails on a chalkboard. Keith Urban was a good addition but with Minaj on the panel, no one can make up for her. Even our straight backed, hands folded, perfect haired diva, Mariah.

The talent: For every five contestants on Idol, there equals the talent of one Voice contestant. (Okay, Cree Harrison and Candice Glover are really good, but they still pale next to some of The Voice voices). I'm not sure of the screening process for The Voice but it's obviously much stricter than Idol. The really bad Idol auditions used to be funny but are tired and so old already. The Voice audition rounds sound like the later episodes of Idol.

The Hosts: Ryan Seacrest is another tired figure. I can't say that Carson Daly is the best host but he seems genuinely interested and excited when the judges turn their chairs.

The one thing that remains to be seen from The Voice is the ultimate success of the winners. Idol has produced some of the greatest stars the singing world has ever seen: Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry. All Grammy winning artists.

So, while The Voice has the better talent throughout the season, they are missing something when it comes to marketing their winners. Once they get that figured out, their won't even be a competition between the two.

And if Idol sends Minaj packing, they may have a chance at redemption.

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