Man v Nature? Now it's man and nature v everything

It used to be that man v nature was man's inability to control forces of nature and the havoc it can wreak. Unfortunately though as time passes the world seems to be more filled with man wreaking havoc right along with nature. It has become an increasingly frightening place.

Within the last two weeks we have seen a horrific bombing in Boston and record flooding right here in the Midwest. So while man is causing tragedy, nature is causing it's share at the same time. We know we cannot control nature, it's a terrifying, unpredictable thing. But why have we lost so much control over mankind?

Every single day we read about tragedies caused by man. Things that can be prevented. Things that absolutely do not have to happen. Murders, bombings, bullying, etc. Things that are making the world look like a horrible place to be. I find myself wishing at times that there was another place to go; that at times I feel as though the world is closing in and sooner rather than later, something awful is going to happen right in my own backyard.

It's difficult not to be afraid these days. The people waiting at the finish line in Boston were not afraid. Why should they have been? Who would head there and even consider what was going to happen? But now, who will attend another marathon and not be afraid? Who travels to New York and doesn't think about 9/11? Who goes near the theater in Aurora, Colorado and doesn't shudder? Who attends Virginia Tech and doesn't wonder? And on and on.

Last week flood waters came within feet of my home. My niece was not so lucky. Her two sons sleep in their bedroom in the basement. At 4AM last Thursday morning she was awakened by an eerie feeling. She ran downstairs as the water in her basement was rising. She woke the boys and got them upstairs safe. However, everything they had in the basement was destroyed. Without flood insurance they are unable to replace anything. Much like so many others who experience the forces of nature, they are left struggling with damage to the home and boys with no beds to sleep in.

So we have man against man and nature against man. Yet, when I put a message out about my niece, suddenly I found that kindness exists in the form of complete strangers willing to help. Wonderful people have gone out of their way to bring her clothing, books and toys to help out. People that I have never met; people that she has certainly never met. Much like the heroes in Boston who put aside their own fears to help victims.

So why is it that mankind can't be just that, kind? Why such hatred? Why such evil in the world? Back in 1976 the motion picture "Network" presented us with one of the most memorable scenes in movie history. Peter Finch told us he was mad as hell. His reasons mirror everything wrong in the world today. Despite it being "just a movie", how much truth is there in this today?

I agree with Mr. Finch. I'm mad as hell. I don't want to take it anymore. I want to live in a peaceful world where all people are kind, like those that reach out their hearts to those in need. People that bond together when things are tough.

I fear for my children. I fear for their children. If they will all have a chance at happiness, something has to change.


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