No boredom this Easter! And Olive Garden was open

No boredom this Easter! And Olive Garden was open

I wrote yesterday about the boredom of spending a holiday when nothing is open. No shopping, not all the usual places. But when I spend it with my girls, there is no way to be bored. I should know that.

We are a family like none other. Of course we probably are but we like to believe that we have the best family in the world and that's the way it should be.

We did not eat Passover leftovers. We did not build a matzah house. The girls came home and I made a huge brunch of every breakfast food you could think of. Stuffed, we then moved to the couch and proceeded to spend 4 hours watching Lifetime Movies. You can't beat the cheesy story lines and bad acting. The more serious the movie, the more we laugh.

We then went for a long walk. The four of us, mostly with our arms linked together talking, laughing and enjoying the beautiful day. I thought of how I could never, ever be bored with these people in my life. Not on Easter, not on anyday. These are the most important people in my life, the most fun, the most everything to me.

We came back and found that in fact there was an open restaurant that wasn't Chinese!! The Olive Garden was open so we enjoyed a nice meal, no matzah (sorry, Passover is not over and we broke tradition by eating bread) and more great conversation. We talked at dinner about how when the girls get older, marry and have children the family dynamic will change. The four of us aren't going to spend this alone time together. That will be hard.

Both girls assured us that no matter what, no matter who they marry the guys will have to deal with our family's closeness. That our bond will always be strong and unbreakable. When they were leaving to head back to the city we did our group hug and declared ourselves the best family ever. Cheesy? Sure. But that's what family should be and as we wrap up what I thought would be a boring day, I felt it was one of the happiest days I've ever had.

And I didn't watch The Ten Commandments.

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