Things for Jewish people to do on Easter when everything is closed

Things for Jewish people to do on Easter when everything is closed

Every year as Easter approaches I get a sense of panic that everything and I mean everything is closed. Yes, there are restaurants that do the brunch thing (never been a big fan of brunch, I mean come on, how much can one person eat for $29 or more??) but mostly anything else you can think of is closed.

Weekends were made for recreation! At least every five out of seven years Christmas falls on a weekday and lots of people get that bonus day off during the week but Easter obviously is always going to be on Sunday. One of our two days off a week anyway and we are kinda stuck. So what do we do?? Here are a few suggestions:

1) Watch The Ten Commandments. It is on today AND tomorrow several times. If you missed a Seder this year and you didn't review what Passover was all about, it's a great lesson. The campiest movie of all time, and quoted by my family for years. "So it shall be written, so it shall be done" is a staple in our house. Some fun things to do while watching are to rewind and fast forward the parting of the red sea (I'd like to see this done with today's technology) and the girls dancing for Mose's attention in a desert tent as they flip their hair around. Hilarious. Best part, if you sit through commercials you've got four hours accounted for on what can be a very long day.

2) Eat your Passover leftovers. As most Jewish mothers do, we cook way too much on Passover because oy vey, someone might go hungry. We cook as though it's our last meal (get it? The Last Supper actually was a Seder so maybe that's why we make so much??) So eat!!! That's what we do best!!!

3) Build a house of matzah with your leftover squares. Like a house of cards, only edible. Stick together with butter. Is there anything tastier than matzah with a nice slab of butter? Maybe a little salt?

4) Don't eat Chinese food, that is reserved for Christmas Day.

5) Gather with family to "kvetch" about how everything is closed. We are so good at that.

6) Play golf. I know it's not exactly golf weather and probably muddy as hell but there are courses open. This is a true help to those who thought EVERYTHING was closed.

7) Movie theaters are open too. This too is a Christmas day activity for us but hey, these are desperate times.

That's all my fellow tribesman. It's not a long list but it should keep you busy. And you can always start planning and cooking for your Passover meal next year. A Jewish freezer is never empty!!

Happy Easter to the rest of the world.

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