Jodi Arias Trial: will this ever be over?

Jodi Arias Trial: will this ever be over?

In the past couple of months I have taken almost an obsessive interest in the case of Jodi Arias, a woman on trial for murdering her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Wait, I should say brutally and thoroughly making absolutely, positively sure this man was dead. She stabbed him 29 times, slashed his throat from ear to ear (a smily slash, so to speak) and shot him in the head. I'd say she had it out for him, wouldn't you?

HLN, the news channel that is covering the trial and airing it every single day may just have to go out of business when this trial is over. This trial is ALL they have been broadcasting for what seems like forever. Which is how long this trial has been going on. Jodi herself has been on the stand for SEVENTEEN DAYS.

When someone is so clearly guilty (this is just my opinion and hey, look at the facts!) I can't fathom the time and dollars invested in a trial like this. Perhaps everyone is so afraid that there will be an acquittal or a hung jury that questions are being asked over and over and over.

Here are some of the known facts:

1) Jodi and Travis dated. He broke it off. She was pissed.

2) They had a lot of sex. Graphic, kinky sex as noted by the hours and hours of testimony exhausting the subject. Almost to the point where one wondered: is everyone just enjoying this a little too much??

3) She lied when first arrested. She manufactured a story that there were two intruders that came to Travis' house the day he was killed, while she was there. LIE.

4) She had slashed his tires on more than one occasion is jealous rages. (key word here = slashed)

5) She drove to to his hometown the day of the murder complete with three gas cans filled with fuel. Her excuse is that she was on a road trip and afraid to run out of gas. Doesn't everyone do that? Carry extra fuel with them? Just in case? LIE.

6) She later claimed that she did in fact kill him but had no memory of how and that that time remains in a "fog". Fog my ass. Another inconvenient truth she will not own up to. She remembers. She is a liar.

7) She claims Travis was a sexual deviate yet taped phone conversations and text messages can prove that she was a willing partner. She claims that she felt at times like a "used piece of toilet paper". LIE.

8) She claims she cut her hand at her job around the same time Travis was murdered, explaining bandages fingers and cuts. The restaurant she first said she worked at does not exist; there is no record of the injury. LIE.

9) She claims she didn't realize what she was doing while STABBING HIM 29 TIMES, SHOOTING HIM AND SLASHING HIS THROAT. Yet, she had the presence of mind to delete damning photos off of his camera that had accidentally snapped photos during the murder.

She has a memory of convenience. The jury is so unsure of what is true they have asked her over 150 questions. These were over and above the questions asked by the defense and prosecution. She is a LIAR.

This case is all too similar to the Casey Anthony trial insofar as I believe the jury is terrified to just make a decision. They are unable to tell which Jodi Arias to believe. The bombshell blonde that dated Travis, or the bleached brunette with glasses, looking like an innocent schoolgirl on the stand.

blond jodi

brunette jodi

I believe that Jodi was a jealous, crazed ex girlfriend. She deliberately went to his home intending on killing him. The murder was brutal, savage and sick. There is no getting around that. So, let's just call it a day already and convict her. And those of you who believe she is innocent and a victim of battered women syndrome, I've got some great swamp land to sell you.

Great land. For cheap.

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