Spam and scams: why are people so gullible?

Spam and scams: why are people so gullible?
Delete, delete, delete!!!!

Today I got a really important email. It was from Neerajw. Not sure who that is or how to pronounce it but the subject was "re: text". For the life of me I can't remember sending a text to Neerajw.

I also received an email from what I'm sure is a viable company: Love Mart Boutique. They would like to buy my product and have it shipped to Nigeria. They'll even give me a credit card for payment. Wow, deal sealed.

Then the note I got from Harry Holland. I can buy vjiagra and cjallis for really cheap. No spelling errors here, that's what it said. And the letter I got from the FBI from their hotmail address. That must have been legit!!

I have always wondered how people - intelligent people fall for these types of scams. Sure, I recently fell for a scam on Craigslist and purchased $440 worth of Fleetwood Mac tickets. Lucky for me it was through Paypal and I was reimbursed. The scammer was really thinking this one through: they get paid by me, Paypal pays me back: win, win except for Paypal.

I think I receive at least 50 spam emails per day. Many of them just simply say hello teppi in small caps. Those really make me laugh as anyone who knows me just says hey bitch! Then I would open it!!

When I bought my Mac Book I was assured that it would not get viruses as PC's do, so I admit that occasionally I open these emails. I do it for fun. I'm curious. But what is it that would cause another person to actually open it for real? Wouldn't someone that really knows them contact them via some other form of social media, say a little known thing called Facebook?

Years back there was a time my mother in law asked my husband and I about a phone call she received. She told us she had won a lot of money. But to get the money she had to send money first. She was an intelligent woman; a nurse for 40 years. Yet, she was actually asking us if she should go ahead and send the money. She really believed she was a winner.

And then there is this one:

Dear:I have deposited your MasterCard gift card with our local FedEx Delivery
Services offices. I've paid the insurance and delivery charges, but a safe
keeping fee of US $198.00 is required before the package can be delivered to
you. You must pay this fee to authenticate your delivery address.Please send your full name, home address and telephone to FedEx's delivery
manager, Oliver Collins at <> < , Telephone number: +xxx 808 029 8440,
referring to shipment code CPEL/OWN/9856. Mr. Collins does not know the contents of the package;
for security I've identified the contents as African magazines.The MasterCard has been loaded with US $800.000.00 from the Central Bank of
Africa and its PIN is 8876. Once you receive the card, you can use it at
any ATM to withdraw up to US $20.000.00 per day.I do hope you'll take care of this transaction as soon as possible.
Unfortunately you will not be able to reach me as I've been called out of
the country on business.Regards,
Greg Williams, Esq.

So, for $198.00 you will have $20,000 a day!!

Now, who believes this? Obviously there are people that are so desperate for money, they are not thinking clearly. Everyone likes the idea of winning. As I write this I am on a 7 hour delay at the Las Vegas Airport. I could cab it back to a casino and hope to win. But I don't like to gamble - and spam is asking people to take a gamble. Open this and see what you'll get! Click here and watch this video of Kim Kardashian doing naughty things! Send money! Buy Vjiagra!! And on and on.

The fact remains that people ARE gullible. When people are having any kind of money issues they're minds are clouded. When people want concert tickets really bad, they let people convince them they have $1,000 seats for $110. Oh yeah, that was me.

So watch yourselves people. Just open emails from people you know or that do not offer you a special deal on a product you are unfamiliar with. Don't ever send money to get money. That is not how life works. No one is waiting to give you anything. Except a crashed computer. Or non-existent Fleetwood Mac tickets.

I learned, will you??

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