Lance Armstrong Oprah interview: Before it airs, what do you think?

Lance Armstrong Oprah interview: Before it airs, what do you think?

Tonight on Oprah Winfrey's OWN network, the masses will be tuned in as she interviews Mr. Dope (in many more ways than one) Lance Armstrong. People are going to watch to see him admit to doing something that he vehemently denied and prove once again that no one is infallible. The saddest part of it all are the "side effects" of this admission.

As a cancer survivor myself, I remember being amazed that someone who had been through what he had could make such a comeback It gave me, along with millions of other survivors hope. Hope that the body we inhabit that had been ravaged with chemotherapy drugs and radiation could recover naturally to the state his had. Well, not so much. Yes, he has raised millions of dollars for cancer research and that is well and good and fantastic. But the side effect of his actions is souring people towards the organization.

His denial certainly reminds me of former President Bill Clinton swearing he "did not have sex with that woman" only to come clean later on. Armstrong has denied and denied and denied. Then now, admitted. Certainly we all should know it isn't for the good of anyone but himself that he has done this. He wants to get back into competing in sports and hopes this will help him. And then what? Dope again and lie some more?

What kind of an example, what kind of a disappointment is this man for young people and particularly his own children? What happened to the days of the Jesse Owens and the Babe Ruths of the world? Back when talent was just that, sheer talent. Nothing enhanced, just true hard work and dedication. Young athletes are so used to hearing about and/or doping themselves it's hard to say who the real winners are.

Armstrong not only doped himself, he allegedly ran a highly sophisticated doping ring. So, when you are openly operating with other runners who see what you are doing, how in the world do you lie about it? How do you not get caught in that web of lies?

Now the International Olympic Committee is considering dropping cycling as a sport. How sad for those that are and have been training without the use of enhancement drugs. Yet another side effect of this whole scandal.

So tonight we will watch him confess. We all already know he is guilty yet it's interesting he feels it necessary to admit his guilt on national TV. This will be big ratings for Oprah during a time she is no longer queen of the networks and he is certainly not the king of anything.

What do you think of what he did? Do you think it's forgivable? Will you watch the interview? Do you think he should be able to compete again? So many questions. Help me out here.

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