Fleetwood Mac at the United Center or I had my tickets until I was scammed

Fleetwood Mac at the United Center or I had my tickets until I was scammed
These are my people. I want to spend some time with them :)

To the person that conned me into paying $440 for four Fleetwood Mac tickets:

I really thought you were legit. I wanted to believe that since you were pretty "normal" when you responded to my Craigslist request to find tickets that I would actually get them. I've purchased tickets through Craigslist before and always gotten them. So, when you responded, I thought WOW, this is amazing.

What you don't understand, now that I have figured out that I will never get those tickets is just how much I wanted to see them. For many reasons. In 1977 when I was in college I frequented a bar in Palatine called Durty Nellies. It was a great place for college kids to hang and holds many fun memories for me. I remember one night standing by the jukebox and hearing a song called Monday Morning". It was from a newer band called Fleetwood Mac. I was instantly hooked.

I saw them in concert later that year and was mesmerized. Loved them. I still loved them years later. In 2003 I saw them at the Allstate Arena. They were even better than they were in 1977, kinda like a fine wine that had aged so well.

I'll never forget that concert because that was around the last time my life was normal. Four weeks after that I was diagnosed with cancer and I recall that concert as the last fun event of my life "BC" (before cancer). I can still envision Lindsey Buckingham killing it on his guitar singing "Looking out for love". Crazy Good. Stevie Nicks voice as clear as a bell singing "Landslide". I am kinda nerdy like that. Music means so much to me; I relate songs and groups to times of my life.

So here I was, offered 4 tickets to the concert this coming April and great seats to boot! You were very patient while I waited to see who would go with me. My daughters were so excited as when they were little girls we enjoyed watching their concert "The Dance" on PBS. We had formed a kick line and danced to "Don't Stop Thinking About tomorrow". So I would take them, what a night I was looking forward to!!!

You requested I pay you through paypal and that gave me the comfort that you were on the level. You answered every email I sent prior to the purchase within seconds. Funny, once I paid for the tickets you haven't answered me at all about mailing them. The fact is there are no tickets and they will never be mailed. You're pretty savvy; you know that you'll get your money and that if I'm lucky and can prove I was scammed I'll get my money back through paypal. I'm sure you see that as a win win. Wrong. I still have no tickets.

I was willing to pay a good deal to see them because they are a part of my past that I hold very dear. You have ruined that for me. I am out $440 and now I am too wary to try Craigslist again. Tickets have been long sold out and until I get my money back I can't afford to buy more.

I hope that people reading this will be careful to not fall into the same trap. I thought I was smart enough to smell a scam. Silly me. I'm just another sucker that fell for it and let my emotions take over my sensibility. I so wanted to see them. I so still do. So you managed to really screw this pooch so to speak. I can only hope that what goes around will come around.

Lindsey and Stevie, I'm not giving up.


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