Celebrity fascination: why are we so taken in by those who are "famous"?

Celebrity fascination: why are we so taken in by those who are "famous"?

A few days ago I wrote a blog that was directed at Kim Kardashian and her complaining about her pregnancy. Granted, anyone who has gone through pregnancy and childbirth at one point or another may have had complaints. We do go through body changes, we do gain weight and we do have to squeeze that baby through a really small opening. I'm trying to be polite here. After publishing my post I started to receive comments, some really supportive ones and then some really nasty ones. The nastiest one, the one that referred to me as a "f-ing insignificant piece of feces" was deleted. I don't need that crap on my wall. And all because whoever that person was is so enamored with Ms. Kardashian, they came to her defense.

I spent a good part of yesterday responding to some of the comments and by the end of the night I wondered why. Why did I waste any time and energy defending my position? Free speech right? I can say whatever I want, it's my right. So here's my take on the whole thing.

For reasons I cannot fathom, Ms. Kardashian is a beloved figure. So is Snooky. So is Pauly D and the rest of the cast of Jersey Shore. On the other side of the spectrum there are other beloved celebrities that the average person may feel is more worthy of their celebrity. For example Madonna. She is idolized by millions. There are haters yes, but the woman has undeniable talent and has managed to sustain a career (and a body) that defies time. But when I think about Madonna, as well as any other celebrity out there I always remind myself of one thing. They take the same shits I do. They don't smell any different because they are famous. They are no better and no worse than I.

In yesterdays comments I was accused of being jealous; that I was obviously dealt a bad hand in life. I was called a hater, a sad old lady. (The sad old lady thing really pissed me off as A. I am not old and B. I am no lady!! Just joking, I am not sad!! I was amazed at the level of defense people came to for someone they don't know. Someone who is not famous for having done much of anything redeeming. (Come on haters, come at me again!) Like people were protecting their first born!

There is and always has been a fascination with the famous. Psychologists explain it as a feeling that celebrities have more wealth; that they live the lives we can only dream of. It is said that ""Celebrity worship, at its heart, seems to fill something in a person's life," he said. "It gives them a sense of identity, a sense of self. It feeds a psychological need". It is also stated that " Younger people, who are still establishing their identities, are more susceptible to celebrity obsession". (Courtesy livescience.com.)

One commenter accused me of just assuming anyone who disagreed with me was young. It was fairly easy to spot who the younger commenters were (thanks to Facebook for listing their names, followed by their high school or college). Celebrities do lives extremely different lives than we do. But would you really want that life? Sure, they have money, many lots and lots of it, but always remember the age old adage that money does not buy happiness. And the young have that yet to learn. They are impressionable and have aspirations. They look at a particular celebrity as someone they would love to be.

I know for myself, that I do enjoy celebrities however, my reasons may be different than the average bear. I love fashion so I enjoy seeing what the women wear. I particularly enjoy celebrities that stay out of the limelight. Harrison Ford, perfect example. Paul Newman was that way as well. Celebrities that prefer to keep their private lives just that, private. I prefer people with talent and something to admire. Meryl Streep; incredible actress. I admire her ability to transform. Elton John; someone who has sustained a career spanning over 40 years. A mega talent. And so on.

I do not look up to or admire celebrities that are constantly looking for attention. The ones that love having ten million twitter followers so people can know their every move.

Yes, I'll watch the Oscars next month and I'll even wish I was in the room. But only because there are some people that I would just love to sit down and talk to. Some really cool people that entertain us all.

Am I still a jealous, sad old lady??


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