Lauren Spierer petition: still working hard for answers to her disappearance

Lauren Spierer petition: still working hard for answers to her disappearance

Lauren Spierer, a student at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN went missing in the early morning hours of June 3, 2011. This is not "new" news as her family, friends and other bloggers/writers continue to keep the story alive in the hopes of finding answers. The biggest tragedy however is the refusal of the people who were with her last, to talk, to tell the truth, to tell police what really happened that night. Four boys, four possible answers to a mystery that continues to plague her family with nightmares and heartache.

I have written about Lauren numerous times. I have said why the case hit close to my own heart. No, I do not know the Spierer family but my daughter attended IU. She lived in the same building as Lauren and frequented the same bar where Lauren partied before her disappearance. God forbid, it could have been her or any one of the thousands of young girls attending that school - or any for that matter. Kids drink, kids do stupid things. Kids hide things too.

The petition that is being circulated is for what is being called "Lauren's Law".

" We believe that by requiring all Persons of Interest (POIs) take a police administered polygraph test will help important details emerge sooner in the investigation, therefore reducing the number of investigators and cutting down on time exerted in solving cases. If the persons of interest are eliminated, investigators are able to better focus their efforts and consider other options more aggressively. Your signature represents hope, and by signing this petition, you are telling legislators that it's time to listen to the pleas of the families of those who have vanished and to put more consideration on the nightmare they face every day as they wait anxiously for answers".

The POI's in this case are the four boys that all were allegedly with her at some point the evening of her disappearance. One has even claimed amnesia. All along the tag line on her twitter posts has been "someone knows something". "End the silence" has also been out there as a plea to these boys to come forward. They all lawyered up as soon as she was discovered to be missing. If they have nothing to hide, why so silent? If they know nothing, why not take a polygraph and help move the case along?

Charlene and Robert Spierer, Lauren's parents have repeatedly written open letters to the person or persons that know what happened that night. All information can be seen at Their words are heart wrenching, filled with so much pain you can feel it as you read. Imagine it were your child; when we send our children off to college we pray for their safety. The Spierer's did and those prayers were crushed on June 3, 2011.

Please take a few moments to sign this petition. They continually have said that anything small could be big. The twenty seconds it will take you to sign this could mean the passing of Lauren's Law or getting a step closer to finding more answers. I'm no detective but the Spierer's are right: someone knows something. Let's help one family take some steps towards finding out what happened to their daughter. Let's try to help give them some peace.

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