Obama Interrupted

Obama Interrupted

As usual I'm going to enter the political arena when I have no business doing so.

I am not a supporter of the President. I am actually quite ambivalent as I have a tendency to ignore certain things I simply cannot control. I know, I know. My vote can help control things. But during a President's term there is not much I can do whether I voted for him or not. I am one person, working for a living, hoping to someday collect my social security.

One thing I can pay attention to though is the level of respect that the general public has for the office of the President. In my heart of hearts I would hope that the average person has respect for the office and the person elected as the head of our country. Damn, it's a job I sure wouldn't want and the person that does has a lot of guts and determination. You think just anyone wants to take on being in charge of over 300 million people?? I think not.

Whether or not we like or dislike the President and his policies, he deserves some respect.  During a speech yesterday on immigration, the President was "heckled" (actually he was asked a question while he was still speaking) by a reporter. A White House Correspondent for The Daily Caller (I've never heard of it), Neil Munro, just couldn't wait.

Obama did not take too kindly to this interruption. He was visibly agitated and never did answer the question that was posed. We shouldn't interrupt the person that holds the highest office. It's just not right.

However, is this the type of situation that has to be blown up into epic proportions by the media? The guy was over anxious. Rude, yes - it's probably not a career enhancing move to interrupt The President during a speech but like many similar type incidents, the media will carry on and on about it. As of right this minute there are 81,000,000 google search results for the subject.

We can all see how quickly the Romney was a bully story died. I wonder if this will die as quickly. Perhaps Munro can issue an apology and then Obama can actually answer the question he was asked.

Would that be as newsworthy?




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  • So I'm not certain if this action is worth 81 million stories about it, but that's the internet for you. We're adding to it right now, you and I, by putting our two cents in, which is the vast majority of those 81 million "stories." I think saying the media is driving this story is also misleading, as it sounds too eerily similar to the "liberal media" that Rush is always in a fuss about. The internet is its own beast now, and that does not always involve longstanding media outlets like broadcast news.

    Regarding the incident itself, I think it is enormously significant. Never before has a sitting president been subjected to the blatant disrespect that President Obama has been subjected to -- remember a sitting member of Congress calling him a "liar" in the midst of his remarks. This can be interpreted as the growing incivility our country is known for, but to me, that is too easy. To me, it smacks of racism. Never before has a sitting president been faced with a majority leader whose sole focus, openly and proudly stated, is to unseat him. All Americans lose in that situation.

    My two cents. MTM.

  • It is difficult to respect a man who has such a disregard for the representatives of the people -- i.e., Congress-- than any other president, including Richard Nixon.

    As far as the Munro incident, it has become clear that Obama not only wants to rule by fiat, but does not want to answer questions as to why he is doing so. He turned his back on the White House press corps, most of whom are transcribers for Obama's point-of-view, and walked away like he owned the country. He may consider his executive order the "right thing to do", but that does not mean it is legal. He owes everybody an explanation, especially those who may find themselves in competition with the estimated 800,000 new people in the workforce.

    If this country wants a King, that is fine. Let's stop the pretense of elections of both branches of federal power and call it a day.

    For those who believe that Obama has been subject to more attacks than any other president, must have been in a coma during GWB's term. Talk about disrespect! No, those such as MTM only see "disrespect" when it is convenient, which is hardly intellectually honest. But then it's not about honesty, but popularity no matter how small and no matter the reason.

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