Mickey Shunick: Another missing college girl - any connection to Lauren Spierer?

Mickey Shunick: Another missing college girl - any connection to Lauren Spierer?

This week as news spreads of yet another missing college student, 22 year old Mickey Shunick of Lafayette, Louisiana I found myself wondering if there is any connection to the Lauren Spierer case. I write about Lauren regularly, hoping that each time I do will be the day their family finds out what happened.

As soon as I heard of the disappearance today, I searched to find the girls height and weight. Ironically or not so ironically, Mickey is a 5'1", 115 lb blonde. Eerily similar to Lauren Spierer, 4'11", 90 lb blonde missing from Indiana University since June 3, 2011. Again, startlingly similar to Kelli Bordeaux, 5'0", 99 lb blonde missing from Fort Bragg, North Carolina since mid April 2012. The same as Holly Bobo, 5"3" 110 lb blonde missing from Decatur County, TN since April 13, 2011. There are several more and although I am not a detective I certainly see a pattern.

After Kelly Bordeaux went missing, my thoughts had turned to Lauren. Their appearances are so similar that it's hard not to. Despite each case being in a separate state, I find it difficult to ignore the similarities. There is a private investigator that has written about the similarities prior to the most current missing girl this week. So I know I am not completely off base.

Mickey Shunick left her friends to ride her bike home at 2AM. Despite carrying a can of mace with her, she met with some sort of foul play and disappeared into thin air. Just like Lauren, just like all the other girls. I always question why girls are out in the wee morning hours alone as Lauren Spierer was last seen at nearly 5AM.

There were times when my girls were growing up that I drove them completely crazy about ever being out alone. I didn't even like them driving late at night let alone be walking or on a bike in the dead of night by themselves. I have always lived in what would be referred to as a "safe" neighborhood. Yet, that didn't register with me - the safety of my girls was always number one. Neurotic or not, I have always acted as though no particular place is safe at night, alone. No good things can happen at 2AM or 5AM in the middle of the night if they were alone on foot or a bike.

When kids are away at college though, it is hard to know what they are doing. When they are young and living on their own they have their own set of rules and beliefs of what is safe. It is our job as parents to set the stage for the what if's before they leave. Perhaps I went overboard with my girls and instilled the fear of God in them.

The parents of all these missing girls are living their worst nightmare, their girls have just simply disappeared without a trace. The striking similarities in these cases are something that should not be ignored. I am a strong advocate for the plights of missing children. Therefore, although I am "just a blogger", if anything I write or say can be used to help, spark a thought or otherwise I am happy.

Perhaps the parents of all these girls need to connect with each other. Maybe they already have. Other parents out there, teach your girls what is and isn't appropriate and safe. Even if they think you sound crazy, more than you think will sink in. If there is a connection between these girls and they fit the profile of a target of a serial killer, look at the similarities. If your daughters fit the profile, just make sure you teach them to be safe and smart. Keep your eyes and ears open and be aware.

If anyone has any information regarding any of the missing girls noted, please contact the local authorities in their areas.




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    Fort Bragg is in North Carolina, not Texas.

  • In reply to JoNC:

    Thanks so much, I made the change.

  • Your article is excellent. But when you kids are away at college, you have no idea where they are.
    Nancy Rowe and Tom Shunick are friends. For you to put blame on the parents, I say shame on you.

  • In reply to genegirlpam:

    I am so sorry that you interpreted the story in that way. I am in no way blaming the parents. I am sure they had taught Mickey all about safety, as evidenced by the mace she was carrying. I know only too well about having your kids be away and not know what they are doing. There were occasions I would speak with my girls while they were at school and I was mortified at certain situations they had placed themselves in - it was at those times I reiterated the safety issues and could only pray they would listen.

    My point was for other families who may not be as diligent in educating their kids on safety to do so. Sometimes it is the unfortunate, horrible situation of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    I believe that someone is preying on this "type" of young girl. The PI's theory of a long haul trucker targeting them is a theory that should be examined.

    My heart goes out to your friends Nancy and Tom. I am sure they are devastated, scared and heartsick as any parents are in this situation. I have seen Mr. Shunick on HLN and my heart breaks.

    I pray for Mickey's safe return as well as the other missing girls. Thank you for pointing out how my story may have been misinterpreted. My apologies.

  • I was raised by a paranoid Mama, and am now one myself. The other day my son said to my husband, "I can't go in the front yard by myself, Daddy, Mama says a bad man will kidnap me in a car" My boy will not go out by himself in the front yard of our home that leads out onto the street, ever. My husband says I am over-reacting. You know what - so be it. We do our best to stay safe, then whatever happens unfortunately will. To this day, when my husband is traveling, my mom calls every single day that he is out of town: "Are you and the little one OK? Will you bolt all the doors and turn on the alarm before you go to bed?" It is annoying, but I see her point. It is heartbreaking when these things happen - all we can do is try our very best to stay safe and keep our kids safe.

  • In reply to jiyer:

    I agree with your methods 150%. I have always been that way and you're right, if we are over-reacting so be it. The world has become a scary, scary place. I am the most paranoid mama on Earth, just ask my girls :) They still are required to check in with me at all times.

    I hope there are some answers for this family and the others soon. The waiting for them must be so excruciating, I can't imagine.

    Now be safe my friend. :)

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    I fully agree about needing to look at these disappearances in being possibly related. There is a huge connection here, and it shouldn't be dismissed. My heart hurts every time I hear of a story like this. I knew of a girl who was killed in the area I am from, and was there when my best friend got the call about her friend being missing. The night before, we had stopped at a gas station, and gotten a call from the soon-to-be abducted girl. She asked if we would come over, as she had a visitor earlier in the evening that had scared her. I made it very clear to my friend that I did not want to go, due to a bad feeling, and knowing the girl was a user of meth. I didn't want to seem uncaring, but suggested we pick her up, and take her with us. She declined. in the middle of the night sometime, someone came and took her from her home, and she was found months later in the National Forest by where we live. To this day I wonder if we had gone, if we would have ended up in the forest, too, or if the girl would still be alive. So, it breaks my heart to hear of these cases. This happened before I moved to Tampa, FL, for college, and when I moved, I was always aware of my surroundings, never left without a roommate, or without them knowing who I was with, and their address and telephone number. It was because of this previous situation that made me cautious. Also, my own mother instilled in me the fear of God before I went. i am now a mother of a VERY friendly 3 year old boy, who hasn't met a stranger in his life. It is pleasing to see his enthusiasm as he meets new people, and I hate to shatter that bubble of innocence that he lives in, but it is time to have the talk of strangers. My prayers are with everyone in these circumstances aforementioned.

  • In reply to Jessica Marie:

    That must be a memory that never leaves you. So sorry you had to go through that.

    I too pray for everyone involved and hope that the authorities take this possible connection seriously. Thanks for writing.

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