Lauren Spierer: Possible break in case? Or not?

Lauren Spierer: Possible break in case? Or not?

Since the interest level in the search for Lauren remains high, I continue to hope for a break in the case. One of my daughter's texted me yesterday "Did you hear about Lauren Spierer?" As someone who follows the case like a job, my stomach dropped. I had not heard but called her back immediately. Alas, it was a report that a body was found 100 miles west of Bloomington, IN. DNA tests will be performed to see if it is Lauren.

I say alas as it pains me to think of the number of missing persons that body may be. Early in the case there was a possible body found in Indianapolis that was thought to be her and was not. This particular story yesterday was reported by The Indiana Daily Student. As of this morning it is being reported by major news outlets.

The reporting of this makes me wonder if it is being done to keep interest in the case alive. The skeletal remains that were found have not been identified as male or female and as such, questions the reasoning behind the reporting of it. To me in any case.

Since Lauren, a petite blond student at Indiana University went missing on June 3, 2011. I have read every bit of news on the case. Unfortunately it is all the same. When she went missing, the circumstances surrounding the evening and that's it. All the boys involved in her last sightings have lawyered up. No one is talking.

As of yesterday it has been 10 months. I remain highly suspicious that much more information is known but is not being shared. The Bloomington police have not released any more details and life there goes on without Lauren. The only sign of her can be seen on chilling billboards that beg to find her.

I wrote my last blog about Lauren several weeks ago. 3,517 people have read it. That's an average of 198 per day since it was written. Through the daily activity reports I receive I am alerted as to what google search terms have been used to direct a person to the blog. These are those terms:

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Every day when I read these reports I wonder if the person that knows where Lauren is is one of the people googling her name. I get chills when I think of the possibility that that person has read my blog.

I'm sure many of the people searching the internet for Lauren are people such as I that have had an interest in the case. Yet maybe, just maybe there is a person that knows where Lauren is that searches daily to see if there is new information. If maybe police are closing in.

Could it be one of the boys that were last seen with Lauren? The ones that rushed to hire lawyers? Was it an abduction? Is it that person?

What don't we know? What is not being reported? Who out there knew Lauren and her personal life? Who saw Lauren that last night on June 3? Her parents have appealed to the public numerous times in their tireless effort to find their daughter. They have repeatedly begged for the smallest tidbit of information. SOMEONE KNOWS SOMETHING. Anything small could be big.

Should the body that the police are identifying turn out to be Lauren this will certainly not be the ending the Spierers are praying for. They may then know she is gone but the wondering of how it happened won't go away.

Imagine that this were your child. Imagine spending the rest of your life in a daily nightmare not knowing where she is or what happened to her. Anyone who has or had kids that attended/attend IU ask them if they know or heard anything. If they do, please report it. There are many Chicago families with children that go/went there. Ask them. Share the information. Let's all help find Lauren.

For all available information on the case go to the web site at Remember there is a $250,000 reward being offered. Money usually talks. Let's hope it does this time.


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  • The skeletal remains were not those of Lauren. The search continues.

  • I check for updates on that case too. So many people seem to vanish into thin air these days. It's great to keep her name out there, and I hope her family can find out what happened to her.

  • In reply to Amanda:

    I hope so too, I think about it every single day. My oldest daughter went to IU, lived in the same apartment building and frequented the same places. Makes me shudder. Let's all hope the family can find her and some sense of closure along with it. Thanks for writing.

  • Teppi,

    I have been following this case for a while as a fellow college student. I think I may have pieced it together, but what do I know.

    Here is a timeline of events from the night Lauren went missing:

    Now they say that she must have dropped her purse on the way TO a "friends" apartment, which I don't believe. I believe she dropped it on the way back. But the thing is, no matter how drunk/drugged up you are, if you drop your purse, you are going to know it, no one can just drop it and keep moving. She was taken from the spot where the purse was found.

    After examination of the events of that night, she went to the "friends" apartment, and I believe the guys there were trying to take advantage of her. She went to another apartment probably to try and find help, but either no one was there/willing/believing that she needed help.

    She then tried to get back to the safety of her own apartment instead, which is where these "friends" caught up with her and did what they wanted with her and things went wrong, either it was intentional, accidental (overdose) of some sort, and they panicked and disposed of the body. It is just so hard to believe that a random predator would be lurking in Bloomington nearing 5:00am in the morning, abductions tend to take place between 2-3 when people are most vulnerable.

    Also maybe Lauren never made it to the friends apartment, and maybe her purse was dropped on the way there, but it was not dropped, she was grabbed from that area. The police went through those guys apartments and found no DNA correct? Well wouldn't there be some if she was ever there that night? And the answer is yes, of course.

    These guys know exactly what happened, no random stranger took her away, it was these boys that she considered "friends" who betrayed her.

    Let me know if this makes any sense. I have more conclusions but all of them revolve around Rossman and gang.

  • In reply to AJ33:

    While I agree that the guys are probably the ones that know what happened, I don't agree that she was assaulted by them and left to find help.

    Regarding your theory about her dropped purse - remember that she left Kilroy's without her shoes ad most importantly, her cell phone. Rumor has it that she was allegedly highly intoxicated; if she forgot her phone at the bar she most certainly could have dropped her purse and not remembered.

    There are a lot of theories about what happened to her. I just wish that more details (if there are in fact any) would be released. More information may spark a memory, something that someone may suddenly remember.

    To test for DNA I believe you need either a cheek swab, blood sample or at least a piece of hair. It's highly feasible that none of these were left. Just because you're in a room doesn't mean you leave your DNA.

    Keep sharing your other theories though. I'm very interested to know what other people come up with. My own personal theory is that she overdosed or had a heart attack and the boys disposed of her body. I do not believe she left Rosenbaum's apartment and walked home on her own. Too many holes in that story.

    We all have one common goal - to find Lauren. Thanks for writing.

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    Hi Teppi!

    Just came across your Blog today! I'm replying to this post as well as the one you wrote about the inequalities of exploited and missing children.

    First, did you get any slack from your daughter in reference to your incorrect reference to IU? I had to laugh when you called Indiana University the University of Indiana - especially after paying the tuition bill there!

    Anyway, I agree with you that there is an inequality with regard to media attention of certain demographics of missing children/people. There is no question. People's interest in the Lauren Spierer case and other cases are probably based upon individual interests. For instance, my interest in the Spierer case involves my spending 4 years in Bloomington and graduating from IU. That makes it even more real to me - hearing the places and area that it all took place. You begin to think these types of things can happen anywhere. I think people do pay more attention when these types of things happen to middle/upper middle class families because there is probably a less liklihood of such a thing happening - as compared to maybe the city of Chicago. Plus, and like you said, she is an attaractive young blonde woman in college. Doesn't this remind you of the Natalie Halloway story?

    I'll mention one more thing. The whole Trayvon Martin case is probably a similar example - maybe at the other end of the spectrum, of this type of media "bias." Why do you believe the Martin case has gotten so much attention? Is it because the shooter is half white and the victim black? These types of shooting happen all the time - especially recently in Chicago, but there wasn;t such a medi frenzy about it. Just curious what your take was.

    Just remembered one more thing...the Lauren Spierer case also has so many bizaare elements to it that is probably peaks peoples interests - like leaving your shoes at a bar (and cell phone) and walking home; the person your with getting into a fight with your boyfriend's friends etc. Very strange. Plus, her parents have used social media and their means to continue attention to the case. Either way, parents like the Spierers have to live with so much heartache which is so very sad and tragic.

  • In reply to Chris Freeding:

    Thanks for reading. Just a quick question: where did I refer to IU as The University of Indiana??? I went back and reread every blog and can't find it.

    The Trayvon Martin case is different insofar as it has been a race issue. This is not so much a race issue - it is more of a "typing" issue - or profiling pretty petite blondes.

    I can only pray that the Spierers are able to find peace someday and find their daughter.

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    4th paragraph, first sentence of this article

  • In reply to Jill:

    Thanks, noted and changed!!

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