Tommy Hilfiger, even you can't save this season of American Idol

Tommy Hilfiger, even you can't save this season of American Idol

Apparently I have been living under a mat for the past few weeks. Back in early March I somehow missed the announcement that fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger was to become a style mentor on American Idol. Really? Hasn't the show gotten bad enough with adding this completely unnecessary time filler?

In it's early seasons Idol was great entertainment, some of the best. It was new, exciting and turned out stars like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Daughtry to name a few. The judges were honest; it wasn't a constant cavity inducing sugar fest of compliments. Even when Paula and Kara left it wasn't horrible. Each season did seem to have it's "oh my God how did this contestant make the top 12" person screeching pitchy not so perfect songs yet it still worked somehow.

With the departure of Simon Cowell came the downfall of Idol. Of course this is only my humble opinion but at least there was an honest judge on the panel. His criticisms although sometimes really harsh, were constructive in their own delightfully mean way. Randy's "Dawg" has now changed to "Dude" and he seems to have gone tone deaf.

The addition of Jennifer "Oh you gave me goosies" Lopez and Steven "what the hell are you talking about" Tyler has done nothing to find any great talent. And if they find someone as good as Pia Toscano last year, the voting audience isn't helping to keep them. They would rather make Howdy Doody their Idol. Remember Scotty McCreary? Yeah, neither do I.

There used to be mentors that actually came to the show and excited the contestants. They would bring in icons such as Smokey Robinson, Mariah Carey, Neil Diamond and Dolly Parton. Now they only have Jimmy Iovine who may know the business but can hardly be seen as an exciting addition. The contestants had amazing opportunities to meet superstars; that had to be completely motivating. Plus, it was exciting for the viewing audience to see some of their favorite artists appear.

Last year the talent wasn't great but at least it wasn't awful. This year I can't fathom how out of the hundreds of thousands of kids that came out to audition, this is what they came up with. So now, to add insult to injury we have the addition of a fashion mentor, Tommy Hilfiger.

On March 8 it was announced that Tommy, an American Fashion designer/icon would be advising the top finalists on what to wear and how to present themselves. Now, if that's something that is deemed important couldn't it be done off camera? Why is this important? This is a show about young hopefuls being given a shot at singing stardom.

The next thing you know, the show will start to become a two hour long commercial like while watching Project Runway. Every few minutes they will find a product to plug; something to advertise. All while missing the whole point of the show. Which I believe has already happened. The show has lost its appeal as it no longer seems to generate nearly the excitement it used to. Yes, it gets ratings. I would guess a good percentage of that is due to the number of DVR's set to auto record the series. I know mine is.

I have now started watching "The Voice". As long as Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, CeeLo Green and Blake Shelton are the judges the show is a winner. They have heaby hitting mentors such as Kelly Clarkson (a product of when Idol was fantastic), Miranda Lambert and Lionel Ritchie. The contestants can sing their asses off and very few sound like a bad lounge act. And they don't have an extra half hour of time filling telling people how to dress.

What is great about the young people that are chasing their dreams is that they are all unique in their own right. The way a person dresses says a lot about them and their uniqueness and sense of style defines who they are.

I think the audience should get to vote on this one. Should Hilfiger continue on the show? Should Jennifer be tougher? Should Steven learn how to string an intelligent sentence together? Inquiring minds want to know.


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  • Great post, I completely agree. Even if Idol wasn't failing I don't see how Tommy Hilfiger would be the go-to designer to help develop each artists individual styles.

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