Snooki is pregnant and Davy Jones has died. So sad on both counts.

Snooki is pregnant and Davy Jones has died. So sad on both counts.

Today as I try to recover from a series of difficult comments on my last post, I have received not one but two pieces of the most upsetting news of all. Resident Jersey Shore slipper wearing "Guidette" Snooki, is with child. This on the same day as hearing the news that Davy Jones, beloved singer from the legendary singing group The Monkees has died of a heart attack. I may have one myself.

Back in 1966, Davy Jones was a household name in my family. My sister and I had our bedroom wall plastered with pictures of the famous quartet, with my sister vowing at the ripe age of 11, that she would someday marry Davy himself. Despite our having attended 3 Monkees concerts over a time period spanning three decades and a solo performance by Davy a few years ago at Stevenson High School, she did not get her wish. We did try, at each event to meet him. We waited after, stalked the trailer and prayed a lot. Alas, it never happened.

She also had a lot of competition as most girls at that time swore to marry him as well. That included Marcia Brady who in one infamous episode got Davy to come to her house. In The Brady Bunch Movie, instead of students swooning over Davy, it was the teachers. All grown up and still wishing for their chance.

That was a time of innocence. The Monkees were a band assembled for a TV series in which they just acted silly and we all loved their antics. We also loved when they sang during the episodes. As I couldn't DVR the episode "I'm a Believer" (or for my sister, "Daydream Believer"), I had to wait for reruns to hear and see it again. We lived for that. Ah, the days of innocent fun and entertainment. We will miss Davy in our family; he was as much a part of our youth as anything you can think of.

These days we have shows like Jersey Shore and it's stunning stars such as Snooki. Her antics are just a bit less innocent than the days of The Monkees. Today it has been announced that she is three months pregnant. After watching her regularly drunken moments, her tongue down Deena's throat, her "smushing" with numerous "Guido's" and her overall trashy behavior that is embarrassing to watch, can any of us not worry about the welfare of this unborn child?

I am not an old fashioned gal but I still believe people should have children when they are married, or at the very least planned them and are emotionally mature enough to handle it. It's certainly not that she can't handle it financially. We all know that the cast earns a ridiculous amount of money for being slutty and dancing at Karma. "Getting paid for being laid" as Elton John said in his song "Sweet Painted Lady". Estimated net worth for being trashy? $2MM.

So will the GTL mantra (Gym, Tan, Laundry) change to FBD, Feed, Burp, Diaper? Will we see a baby attached to her boob while she is dancing at the latest nightclub? Will the baby get smushed in between her and whatever guy of the week she is "smushing"? Or will Snooki give birth and realize it's time to grow up?

Will it be FBD next?

Millions of women are mourning Davy's death today. He represented the sweet, twinkly eyed dream boy we all wanted to marry. Snooki represents much that is wrong with our culture today. So ironically, on the same day we hear of the death of a star from an innocent time and the pregnancy of a girl that wouldn't know innocence if it slapped her in the face.

Oh wait, she has been slapped in the face. What a world. What a future. God help us.


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    Gee, no disrespect to the unborn child, but [Nicole Polizzi] is not worthy to even be in an article's title with the likes of David Jones. The timing is monumentally tragic, but Jones news trumps [Polizzi news] any day of the week --- but more especially, today. Rest in peace, Davy.

  • In reply to Denise Brown:

    I know, it was hard to add her trashy self to this. I just wanted to draw a parallel to the times and how they have changed. And, how sad two things can be for such epically different reasons. Yes, RIP Davy, you will be sorely missed, thanks for writing.

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    In reply to Teppi Jacobsen:

    Isn't it shocking? The discrepancies?

    By the way, I truly understand your concern about Polizzi's pregnancy. That is stunning news, and it's not stunning in a good way! At best, it will be a monumental wake-up call for her (as far as maturity), and at worst, yikes --- I feel a bit frightened for the child. Isn't that so scary?

    Thank you, for replying to my comment. I meant no ill will toward you, the author, in any way, shape or form. Have a good rest of the week.

    Best from Texas.

  • In reply to Denise Brown:

    You too, and no ill will taken!! Thank you for your comments!!

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