Feliz Navidad. Spread the joy. Dance.

Feliz Navidad. Spread the joy. Dance.

I have an insane idea. Well, I've had many in life but I believe that this one may take the cake. First, I'd like you to play the video. Then read while you listen.

Puts you in a pretty good mood, doesn't it? Despite the collective groans I've been hearing about Christmas music starting too early, I decided to listen to this today while I was driving. I had been a bit crabby this morning (something about my husband, in a trance, watching 5 hours of golf on TV last night) and needed a little lift.

So I turned on Feliz Navidad. This always signifies the beginning of the holiday season for me. As soon as it started to play I thought wow, this instantly puts me in good spirits. It made me actually want to grab a tambourine or a pair of maracas and just dance. Then this crazy idea hit me.

We have flash mobs breaking out into dance all the time these days. So, why not, every time we hear this song, we stop what we're doing, grab a friend, your kid or co-worker and start dancing??

Yes, silly and crazy but here is my logic. I believe the world has gone mad. Every day we are pelted with bad news: war, murder, kidnapping, recession, pedophiles and just a constant stream of things to ruin our day. What if, for just a few minutes every day or whenever the song is heard, we stop what we're doing to forget all the shit going on in the world and dance? Or just sing along?

Music releases endorphins. You know, the stuff that makes us feel good. The song lasts three minutes. Imagine you are at the dinner table at home, shopping in a mall, or anywhere where you won't hurt yourself by suddenly dancing. (Like being on a ledge window washing, that would be bad). The song comes on the radio. And for three minutes you stop what you're doing and dance. I guarantee, you will feel good.

For those three minutes you aren't going to be thinking about anything bad. And the way the song is played during the holiday season you can almost guarantee that it will be more than three minutes a day.

So, as silly and ridiculous as this idea may sound, think about it. Download the song on I Tunes. Smile, dance, enjoy. The holiday season is supposed to be about spreading love and joy. Not about spending money we may not have and who is getting what.

There is no way after you read this that you won't think about it and consider it when you hear the song. So why not just let your hair down and do it? Spread the word. Share this blog with as many people as you can. I want to see people dancing in the streets. I want to see people not worrying about all the sadness and madness we are faced with everyday. I am nutty enough to wear these very rose colored glasses and believe that everyone deserves to be happy. For at least three minutes a day.


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  • I love this! Every Saturday morning, our family puts on really loud "Bollywood" music and we dance a silly dance. For like 5 minutes. A "let's start the weekend in a happy mood" ritual. When the music first comes on (started up by my dear husband), I feel that twinge of irritation - "darn, can we have a quiet Saturday morning?!!" But then it really ends up being a good start to the weekend :)

  • In reply to jiyer:

    What a great ritual, I love it! I may have to start that in my house!!

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