$651 a minute to be married. If you're Kim Kardashian.

$651 a minute to be married. If you're Kim Kardashian.

So, they said it wouldn't last. No, really I don't think there is a person in the world who thought the marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries would last more than 10 minutes. I think 72 days was pretty impressive considering it was more than likely a money making scheme for publicity.

Kim's fairy tale wedding? Exactly that, a fairy tale. Did anyone really believe these two were in love? In fairy tales, the characters are truly in love, they live and would die for each other. The only thing Kim Kardashian lives for is money and publicity. And she got plenty of both through this whole sham.

Who the hell is she anyway? What has she ever done that is of any redeeming qualities? She is a true narcissist, accepting millions of dollars to televise a wedding that was orchestrated purely for ratings and received everything free. Why, when the country is in the state of financial need that it is in would one individual accept a reported $15MM to $17MM just to say "I do" on national television? Are people that hungry to see her in all her lavish, over the top surroundings making a mockery of marriage? Are we that desperate for entertainment?

I figured out that between the $10MM cost of her wedding (she didn't pay a dime) and the reported $17MM she received to do it, it was a $651 per minute marriage. Or $10.85 per second. Minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. In a 40 hour work week that comes to $290; per year it's $15,080. So basically, the amount that was spent on Kimbo getting married would pay a minimum wage annual salary to 1,800 people.

Right now, Kris Humphries isn't working as a result of the NBA lockout. More spoiled rich folk wanting to be richer. When you are earning millions why can't you be at least a little more reasonable about taking a bit of a pay cut? Yet stubborn as the players are being, there is now no NBA season at least until December. The way it's going, everybody loses.

The Kardashian's are a money making machine with no explanation. Sure, they work hard promoting themselves, selling their perfumes, their Sears clothing collection which has been quoted as "Peggy Bundy Like" and modeling gigs. For Kim, the balance of her time is spent worrying about her psoriasis, her bad reactions to Botox and whether or not she should get x-rays to prove her fat ass is really well, fat.

The amusing thing is she is trying to pass off her nuptuals as being real. Is there anyone out there that didn't predict the split? Is anyone worried about the heartbreak Kim is going through during this "very difficult time"? Please! Don't insult the millions of people who knew exactly what she was up to in this sham she called a fairy tale. This was strictly business and she made some serious bank for it.

Kim's thrust (no pun intended) into stardom was from her appearance in a sex tape that she profited from immensely. This "fairy tale" marriage was another example of her whoring herself for money. This may incite anger in those of her fans that truly believe she "loved" Kris Humphries but I must say to all of those people, the only person Kim Kardashian loves is the one she sees in the mirror every morning. And it's hard to believe that reflection doesn't cause her any pause.




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  • Teppi, I love how each of your posts reflects a different emotion - be it sarcasm, humor, sorrow, or - in this case - anger. How can we as a society be so pathetic that "Kim Kardashian" is a news-grabbing headline on par with government, the economy, healthcare, child abuse, bullying, etc.? I just don't get it - are we really so stupid that we think Kim Kardashian has something intelligent to say or a life worth observing? Shame on us, for engaging in stupid voyeurism that gives the Kardashian clan even more big bucks.

  • Thank you so much for your kind words. I am grateful that you are able to see and feel what I am trying to convey. And yes, you hit it on the head here - anger. You are right, shame on us.

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    You are welcome. I wanted to add that I read your (beautifully written) letter to AT&T aloud to my mother-in-law and we both laughed so hard...although deep down inside we also cried a little bit at the unfortunate truth of what you wrote.

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    I haven't received my check yet :)

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    Full disclosure: I do not like Kim Kardashian as a person. Yes I'm a straight male, and yes I think she's hot, but her actions and her whole rise to fame make me vary between disgust and, at best, indifference. I figure if people are going to keep her in the public spotlight by talking about her, then I can't get all that upset about how she wastes money and influence - though it *is* extremely upsetting.

    That said...

    1. It was *her* money to do as she pleased with. That $651/minute is not money that would've ever ended up in my pocket - or the pockets of anyone earning minimum wage. The idea that her abortive, joke of a marriage has any direct impact on the less fortunate - or anything other than her own sad, sad existence - is ridiculous.

    "Why, when the country is in the state of financial need that it is in would one individual accept a reported $15MM to $17MM just to say "I do" on national television?"

    Because, unfortunately, she can. And why wouldn't she ? People enter all sorts of contests and reality shows to get their weddings paid for - this is no different. Also, she's built her brand around being filmed (Heh.); Kim Kardashian has this mind-boggling ability to make money off of her name, and those that give her a platform make money as well. At the high end of the gravy train, whoever's contributing to that $17 million dollar payout is gonna bank a helluva lot more than she did, so if you want to rant at someone, blame the producers - start with Ryan Seacrest.

    At the lower end, you - who are writing this holier-than-thou rant - haven't made any effort to remove the advertisers that will pay you for every unique visitor that lands on this page after Googling "Kardashian marriage," despite the fact that you are profiting off of her name in a very direct way. If this isn't one of your more highly-visited blog posts, I'll eat my hat.

    2. Kim Kardashian, for all of her faults, is hardly the poster child for the decline of the sanctity of marriage. If anything, I'd argue that because of her wealth, her inability to tough it out for more than 72 days is pretty much a neutral consequence.

    Compare that to the hundreds of marriages (many of which end in the same amount of time or less) that have a very real impact on the people around them. Individuals who think they're marrying for love, running across the country to be with their intended...only to get left stranded with divorce bills and no job and a family to support, without the support system they had before. These are people who put themselves - and others - into serious debt paying for comparably smaller wedding ceremonies, all for a marriage that they probably knew from early on wouldn't last. That's not to speak of the emotional impact and stress usually associated with such situations.

    But for all of their errors and bad decisions, that doesn't mean that their feelings weren't *real*. I suppose it's easier to come to such conclusions in this case, since we have "verifiable proof" that she's just an attention-seeking [redacted] with a history of profiting off her Hollywood lifestyle and looks, right?

    The real archetype for the decline of marriage, is the average man/woman who gives up *everything* - their financial stability, support system, even their friends and family - for someone who has no intention of entering into a real partnership. From my perspective, all Kim Kardashian will endure is money that doesn't affect her, and a little embarrassment.

    This whole train-wreck really has piss-all to do with the economy, or the state of marriage in America, but is once again a commentary on the media's inability to just shut the hell up and quit enabling celebrities (and "celebrities," in Kim's case) that don't deserve the attention - from blogs to the big screen and every medium in between.

    On a positive note, the $651-per-minute calculation did make me laugh out loud at the absurdity of it all. #FirstWorldProblems, right?

  • In reply to SiafaAlvin:

    I just saw your comment and want to thank you for your well thought out note. My "holier than thou rant" is just my opinion. When things upset me, I may write about them. Anyone and everyone is invited to agree or not.

    Just a heads up though, although the company I blog for and their advertisers may benefit from the extra page views I received for this post, I do this as a hobby. When I write I don't think about anything other than what I am feeling or thinking - not what advertisers will benefit from. Your comment is the first time I had ever even thought of it that way.

    The name of my blog is the name for a reason. All I am trying to do is put a different spin on things. And although I wrote about Kim K. in this post, after that on my FB page I reached out to people to stop paying any attention to her at all.

    You are a very well spoken writer. And your thoughts gave me pause. So thank you for your response.

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