Why it's time to bring Disco back. Really.

Why it's time to bring Disco back. Really.

You could call this blog "Confessions of a Former Disco Queen" or just understand that at one time in my life, I was the quintessential dancing machine. Fully clad in a variety of Danskin leotards, polyester swingy skirts and 5" inch heels, I lived for the dance floor. And  I was happy. Which is why I believe we should bring disco back. It can be good for a depressed economy as well as a depressed population.

This week on Syrius XM radio I stumbled on the new station "Studio 54", which plays all the mix tapes from the infamous New York disco of the same name. I was so excited I almost ran off the road (in a perfect twirl of course). It got me thinking that there could be hope for a revival. Obviously there is a new station playing disco tunes exclusively, right? So why not bring it back in full force?

In the mid to late 70's, disco became a world wide sensation. "Saturday Night Fever" was released and went on to become the 10th best selling album of ALL TIME. Ahead of The Beatles, ahead of Led Zeppelin and other rock bands. Selling over 40 million copies, everyone was out dancing and having a ball to "Stayin' Alive", "You Should Be Dancing" and all the other catchy tunes from the album.

There are close to 7,500 nightclub companies in the US. Imagine many of these clubs packing people in everynight dancing, drinking and filling their brains with endorphins. Dancing does that you know. And right now, there is no real dance craze so why not bring one back? Why not have people feeling happy and carefree for a change?

As a baby boomer, we are always looking for ways to recapture our youth. What a way to get out and have fun; getting fit at the same time. Narry a night went by in the old days when I wasn't a sweaty, drippy mess (how attractive!!) after a night of doing the Hustle. Lose weight AND have fun.

And let's think about the boost to the economy. No woman showed up at a disco without being dressed to dance. Men dressed up too, although I'm not sure how many would be willing to don a tight polyester shirt unbuttoned to the navel but retail sales could soar. Shoes, gold chains (if anyone could afford them at the current rate of gold), dresses, twirling skirts, and other dance attire.

Television could bring back "Dance Fever". We have "Dancing With the Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance" so why not? When these shows have a couple dancing disco it's sometimes the most fun to watch. Many times more interesting and appealing than a waltz or hip hop. Sorry if that offends anyone.

Our younger generation may embrace it as a way to really connect. There aren't many music genres these days that have people actually dancing as a couple. What a concept.

So I say let's do it. Everyone pull out your old copies of Saturday Night Fever and go for a spin or a "strut" as John Travolta liked to do. If sexy can come back, why can't disco?

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