Newsflash: Raising children costs more now.

Newsflash: Raising children costs more now.

Last week a source published a new report with the shocking and unsettling news that it is now more expensive than ever to raise a child. I am so surprised that I would like to write a letter to the reporters that put together this story as I had absolutely no idea.

To Whom it May Concern:

I am so grateful to have received this information last week. I can barely find the words to express my gratitude. You have enlightened me to facts I never was capable of figuring out for myself!

Surely when my first child was born and I was required to have a caesarian birth and miss extra weeks of work I never thought twice about it. It was no problem. When I returned to work and had to incur the expense of daycare it was a piece of cake.

When I had my second child and now had two in daycare that didn't phase me a bit. I just rolled with it.

Paying our mortgage, car payments, insurance, medical bills, health/car/life insurance. Smooth as silk.

When our kids started school and there were fees/books/activities to pay for we said what the heck, it's only money.

When they were sick and I had to miss work plus pay for doctors visits it was just a pleasure.

When they played sports and just their shoes alone could cost up to $150 a pair, we thought wow, this is so awesome.

When they had school dances those dresses, shoes and hairdo's were such a joy to pay for.

And of course we have loved the grocery bills, and the rising costs of gas!

We were unbelievably excited to have both of them in college at the same time, out of state! We could hardly contain our pure, unadulterated happiness.

It's extra exciting when you child graduates and can't find a job because then they get to live with you longer!

All in all, the $800K to $1MM it has cost us to raise our two children (including college which your report doesn't factor in) was alot. We had no idea!! We never thought that the cost of raising a family was beyond absurd, offensive and downright profane before your report.

Don't misunderstand me. You cannot put a price tag on the love and adoration we have for our children. We would never have chosen any other way of life. Without them our lives would have been that much less enriched - well, downright empty. But to have finally figured out that the cost of raising them has increased over the years was just so refreshing! We must live in a bubble. We are hoping that because of your report fuel costs will plummet, daycare will be free and college tuition will forever be frozen at the current rate. I already feel better.

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart, which by the way: to keep it beating at a normal rate costs $100 per month with my co-pay for the meds.


Enlightened and Grateful

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