Please help me to resist the next Bachelorette/Bachelor season

Please help me to resist the next Bachelorette/Bachelor season

Oh what a night. I have to begin this blog by saying how happy I am that I never have to watch Ashley Hebert play with her hair ever again. Tonight as her tattooed sister began to blast Ashley's ultimate choice, J.P., her hands never left her head.

Throughout this season I have sworn that this will be my last. I have said that so many other times I have become the girl that cried wolf - BUT - this time I mean it. And the most compelling reason is that I just cannot stand the last episode when some poor schmuck who thinks he or she is going to get a proposal, gets dumped.

It's been a totally weird season anyway starring the most insecure female on the planet. I'm glad that she has seemed to find true love and with a total hottie to boot. However,  I just don't wonder if that insecurity will ultimately ruin their relationship. But I digress. The season with the biggest ass in the franchise's history who would have thought that Ashley would switch gears and fall in love with someone else. People were creating drinking games based on the number of times Ashley mentioned Bentley's name in an episode. And getting smashed.

Her final two choices were actually both really great guys. Apparently her sister Christyie, who refers to herself as rational has a serious case of being too outspoken. I questioned her rationality as I studied the Kat Von D. array of tattoos all over her body as well as when she spoke of her divorce. Yep. Rational for sure. She was just looking out for her little sisters well being. So despite big sis being more approving of Ben, Ashley went with her gut and chose JP.

It's those last 30 minutes of the last episode that enrage me, aggravate me and make me question my sanity for watching. Poor Ben. Poor delusional, sweet Ben. At what point when he approached her did she look as though she were ready to accept a proposal? She was not smiling and tried to start telling him. Then instead, she let him tell her why everything was so perfect between them, propose and get his heart stomped on.

Poor guy was in such a state of shock and angry as hell. Who wouldn't be?? That's why this show should be cancelled. By the nature of the show, the bachelor or bachelorette has to pretend to really like the last two people. That's what I loved about Ali Fedetowsky. She sent the leftover guy home before he had to be crushed making a fool of himself proposing. Which is what they should have the person do towards the end.

If they had done that, poor Ben would not have had to go through being flown in dramatically, get dumped and then be escorted away in a little tugboat (with JP flying in overhead). Wow they take you from riches to rags in no time. And the producers should not provide a $17,000 dress for someone who is going to walk in the ocean in it. Yes Virginia, $17,000.

So, here it is. My declaration. I do solemnly swear to resist the urge to ever watch another episode of the Bachelor or Bachelorette. No amount of talk will convince me that it is worth the time or trouble to bother watching people get hurt and dumped. I will do better things with my time.

Like watch Bachelor Pad.

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  • Dear Teppi,
    Come out from the dark side and watch better reality television. I highly suggest Housewives from Beverly Hills: Season 2. Mature women wearing $17,000 dresses is so much more real than a 20-something wearing a $17,000 dress, spanx and all.

  • Teppi, I gave up on this show when the bachelorette got rid of Bob, the real estate guy many many moons ago. I am of the belief that love is not found in the episodes of a show, not to mention who on earth would put their love life out there for the world to see, drink to and trash talk. I am glad that you have woken up and will save yourself an hour a week from such torture :-) Try watching real reality tv like Deadliest Catch.

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