This season's Bachelorette aka Close Encounters of the Worst Kind

Every season I say I'll never watch again and every season I do. The Bachelor franchise has many millions of viewers that I am certain say the same thing after every disappointing season. After every lame final rose ceremony; after every post finale break-up. 

Last season I thought bringing back Brad Womack was about as bizarre as it could get. He obviously had issues before and still needs lots and lots of therapy. The "After the Final Rose" which always airs right after the finale was pretty telling when Emily (about as close to a Farrah Fawcett look alike as I've ever seen) squirmed her way through marriage questions. Of course to no surprise, they are done-zo. 
When Ashley Hebert, dancer and dental student/most insecure female on the planet was announced as the next Bachelorette I was bored before the season even started. BUT, I got sucked in right off the bat by "the biggest douche-bag ever" in the history of the show, Bentley. We all know the franchise loves to claim things as "the most" or "the most dramatic" and "the most something or other ever". So by virtue of this the whole Bentley thing I am going to refer to as "the biggest let's try to dupe the audience into believing this is really happening" event ever. 
There is no way IMHO that the producers of this "reality show" had Bentley on the show for anything other than ratings. I have no doubt that there are guys in the world that are as big of jerks as he appeared to be; I know, I dated many of them. However, knowing that Ashley is a mountainous tower of tears and insecurity, they could not have let this guy go on and on with her and not let her know. 
The show's host, Chris Harrison swears up and down she was forewarned and that when the producers saw just how bad Bentley was behaving behind the scenes, they tried to tell her. If they did, not only is Bentley truly the biggest jerk on Earth, Ashley is the dumbest female. Kinda like knowing Ted Bundy was a serial killer and dating him anyway. 
But I don't believe it for a minute. The success rate of the show totally sucks so now they are stooping to new lows to attract viewers and get ratings. I am obviously just as bad as everyone else for watching. But I don't watch hoping the show will end in a love match 'cause that ain't gonna happen. I watch for the sheer shock and entertainment value. Entertainment of watching yet another person think they are going to find their soul mate in a few weeks in a perfect setting, away from any realm of reality. Shock at the lows that ABC will sink to for their ratings. I thought that was reserved for Fox.

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